Karolin Tuncel

Karolin Tuncel

College Email Address: 

Oxford Department of International Development, St. Antony’s College

Start year: 2022

Thesis subject area: The Politics of Religion and Gender in Turkey 

Supervisors: Professor Jörg Friedrichs and Professor Masooda Bano 

Selected Publications: 

Tuncel, Karolin. 2021. Turkey’s New Emigration Wave and Its Implications. Manara Magazine 2021/1. https://manaramagazine.org/2021/03/turkeys-new-emigration-wave-and-its-implications/.

Tuncel, Karolin. 2021. 20 years of Women, Peace and Security: How we argue for participation matters. London School of Economics and Political Science Centre for Women, Peace and Security. https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/wps/2021/01/21/20-years-of-women-peace-and-security-how-we-argue-for-participation-matters/