Mike Hudson

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Foundation Fellow

Mike Hudson is a successful tech and social entrepreneur. Previously focussed on creating new commercial e-markets, he now works mainly on AI-based nonprofit projects.

Mike is the founder of Mike Hudson Foundation, a specialised AI donor helping nonprofits with AI. Through its Researchify programme, MHF provides money, time & AI resources to support nonprofit scientific research. Mike has a particular interest in conservation and preserving biodiversity.

During the Covid pandemic he founded TestRAMP, a nonprofit healthcare marketplace to boost supply, availability and affordability of laboratory PCR testing and genomic sequencing.

Mike has a strong background in financial technology. He founded ground-breaking derivatives marketplaces Cscreen and Baymarkets, eventually selling them to leading international stock exchanges. He now runs MHA, and advises on creating new electronic marketplaces both for profit and for social good.

Mike is a strong advocate of using electronic marketplaces and AI as tools to benefit society. He believes that a deeper understanding of their risks and capabilities is urgently needed. Mike argues that decision makers need to be able to better assess when to use markets and AI, and how best to harness them for the common good.

Mike studied Systems and Management Science at City University, London where he is currently an honorary Research Fellow. He is also a fellow of ZSL and advisor to its CEO on innovation. Mike has written and presented on AI, markets, and option theory. He lives in London with his partner Sabina and their two dogs.