Planning your Arrival

Arrival Weekend

You are expected to arrive in time for 0th week (welcome week), which runs from 7 October 2024 until 11 October 2024. If you are living in College accommodation you may arrive from 28 September 2024 onwards unless your course starts in September (MBA & MPP) or you are attending a Pre-Sessional English Language course. Please note that prior consent by the accommodation team MUST be given for you to arrive early, as your room might not be available before 28 September.

Most students will arrive during welcome weekend (5 – 6 October 2024). Please do let the Academic Office know if you plan to arrive before 28 September 2024 or after welcome weekend. If you will be moving into College accommodation later than the start date on your tenancy agreement, please contact the accommodation team as soon as possible. Please note that you would be charged for College accommodation from the date your tenancy starts on your accommodation contract, even if you were to arrive later.

Parcels and Letters

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the College to receive parcels and post prior to your arrival due to limitations of space. Please schedule items to arrive at the same time or ideally after you arrive at the College to ensure that you are able to collect these promptly. The following postal address should be used: St Antony’s College, 62 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6JF, UK. This will ensure that your post arrives at the Lodge (which is open 24/7) to be distributed to you via your individual post box (pigeonhole).

Bedding for College Accommodation

A bedding pack can be delivered to your room on arrival at a cost of £35 for a single pack or £60 for a double pack (price TBC for 2024/25).  Please fill in the relevant MS form, which will be shared with you prior to your arrival. The charge will be added to your first battels statement. If you miss the deadline for the form, you will not have bedding on the day.

Fees & making a payment

Your first statement

In late September / early October, you will receive your first ‘battels’ statement to your email address (please check your personal and St Antony’s College email account) which will show what you need to pay to the College. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the College to issue a statement prior to early October, but you can calculate the total amount you will owe by referring to the following table:

Total course fees for year 1 of your course

Exceptions: MBA students pay their course fees direct to the Said Business School and will therefore not have course fees listed on their statement. MPP students who have paid a deposit will have this amount deducted from the total course fees for year 1.
See offer pack.
College community charge Compulsory annual charge for all students to use College facilities, to keep meal charges as low as possible and to support the GCR.£99
College deposit Refundable when your student status at St Antony’s College ends. Exceptions: Current St Antony’s College students starting a new course at the College will not have a College deposit listed. Their previous deposit will be held until they complete their second course.£250
First payment of rent (if you apply for, and accept, an offer of College accommodation). 
Charge to be confirmed – normally 13 weeks if the tenancy starts on the standard move in date (05/Oct/2024)

Battels statements will be issued based on the information provided in your financial declaration. If the way in which you will be paying your fees has changed since you submitted your financial declaration (e.g. if you have since had a student loan approved or you have secured a scholarship), you must send an updated financial declaration form, checklist and relevant supporting documentation for the new funding source(s) to the Academic and Admissions Officer as soon as possible.

Sponsored Students

If you have informed us that we must invoice your sponsor directly to collect course fees on your behalf, the amount to be paid by your sponsor will not appear on your battels statement.

US Loans

If you are a student funded by US federal loans, you will receive a statement showing the fees and charges due. You do not need to make a payment unless your loan is insufficient to cover the full amount of your fees as they will automatically be deducted from your loan instalments in equal parts through the year. You will need to have opened a UK bank account in order to be able to receive these payments.

Payment plans

If you have a loan, scholarship or other award which is paid in instalments, it may be possible to make separate arrangements to pay your fees in instalments. Please contact the accounts team if you would like to enquire about this. The final decision will rest with the College Bursar and please note that paying in instalments is not possible for self or family funding.

Payment methods & deadlines

You would need to pay the full balance on your first battels statement by Saturday 19 October 2024. You do not need to have paid prior to arrival in order to move into College accommodation (unless you will be moving into College accommodation after the final payment deadline above). You can make a payment to the College by bank transfer, credit/debit card (not American Express or Diners). Further instructions are available here.