College Life

A very warm welcome from the Graduate Common Room (GCR) at St. Antony’s College! The GCR is the centre of student activity. It is organised by a group of elected members who work towards creating and maintaining a pleasant living and learning experience for all students. There is no one Antonian experience, rather diverse individual experiences that come together to create a vibrant college community. In creating your own experience at St. Antony’s, and Oxford in general, it is the GCR’s priority to support you while respecting the sentiments of the college community. We believe that the diversity at St. Antony’s should not only be celebrated, but also engaged with in serious conversations on student experiences. The GCR’s Welfare team, comprising of the Welfare VPs, BME Officer, Women’s Officers, LGBTQ Officers, and Disability Officers are around to listen to your experiences and concerns.

If you would like to join the GCR committee in organising social, welfare, and academic events, you can stand for GCR elections. One round of elections take place in Michaelmas term and students can nominate themselves for officer positions (BME Officer, Welfare Secretary, LGBTQ Officer, etc.) Elections for Executive committee membership take place in Hilary term in which first year MPhil students and DPhil students can nominate themselves as Social VPs, Welfare VPs, Academic VPs, Treasurer, and President. The GCR relies on student support and participation to ensure the success of its events. Find more information on the specific events we organise and how you can be a part of the GCR on our website

Look forward to seeing you on our wonderful campus!

Carole-Louise Ashby (GCR President)