Prospective Students: Accommodation

Prospective Students: Accommodation

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The Accommodation Application Process

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St Antony's College Accommodation

St Antony’s College offers a range of single rooms for its students, banded by grade. The College also has a limited number of accommodation options for couples and families/small groups. Please note that you can apply for either a single room or a double room/studio/flat - it is not possible to apply for both types. Most accommodation is available for either a 38 week or 50 week tenancy. The exception is en-suite rooms, which are only available for 38 weeks.

The majority of accommodation is located on campus (in the Ghassan Shaker, Gateway & Founders Buildings as seen on the College Map) or near campus in converted Victorian houses. You can also find where St Antony's College campus is located in relation to University departments, museums, libraries on the map the University sites

Applying for St Antony's College Accommodation

Once you have received your college offer pack from St Antony's College Admissions, you will be eligible to apply for college accommodation. The College does its best to assign accommodation according to an applicant's preference, but available options are limited by capacity. If more of any type or grade of accommodation is requested than is available, a ballot will be held. If an applicant's first choice of room is not available, they may be offered an alternative type or grade of room.

How the process of applying to St Antony's College accommodation works:

Step 1: register your interest. As soon as you receive an college offer from St Antony's College, we will ask you to register your interest via an online form. This is so we know to send you an invitation to apply.

Step 2: wait for an invitation to apply. If you register your interest, you will receive an invitation in early July to submit an application for college accommodation for the coming academic year. 

Step 3: apply online. Using the link in the email invitation, you will be able to submit your online application, including your room preferences, for college accommodation. You will be given a deadline before the ballot occurs in mid-July. 

Step 4: wait to receive a room offer. After the ballot has taken place, the accommodation team will begin sending out offers to applicants. 

Step 5: accept/decline your offfer. Once you receive an offer from the accommodation team, you will be given a deadline to decide. If you are waitlisted, you will be advised of your position. 

Offers are send out from mid-July onwards and continue until all rooms are filled. Although we cannot guarantee college accommodation for every student, a large proportion of applicants receive an offer. However, this is dependent on the volume of applications we receive. Those who do not receive an initial offer of college accommodation, are advised of their place on the waitlist.

College accommodation priorities

Because the College receives more applications for rooms than it has rooms available, an accommodation ballot is held each July for new students. However, accommodation is also allocated using the following order of priorities:

Priority 1. Students with a disability that impacts on their living needs (medical evidence is required). These students are guaranteed student accommodation for the duration of their course. We recommend these students contact the Disability Advisory Service for further support and advice for finding accommodation. If you think you are in this priority, you must email and give further details of your specific accommodation requirements, making sure to include any medical evidence if applicable.

Priority 2. Students awarded a St Antony’s College scholarship. These students are guaranteed a room for the 2021-22 academic year. Please note that students who have been awarded a University scholarship only, do not meet priority 2.

Priority 3. Students who are not ordinarily resident in the UK and have not studied at a UK university in the 2020-21 academic year. These students are not guaranteed a room. 

Please note: College accommodation is ONLY guaranteed to students who meet the criteria for priorities 1 and/or 2. Therefore, if you do not meet these criteria, and it would be advisable to consider alternative options early in case your application is unsuccessful.

Additional requirements:


If you have an additional requirement, it is likely you are a priority 1 applicant. An additional requirement might be a health, welfare, or mobility requirement that requires you to have a room with a certain facility, or be in a certain location, for example:

  • A sight, hearing or mobility impairment
  • A diagnosed physical health condition or disability
  • A diagnosed mental health condition
  • A condition requiring you to have an in-house carer
  • A health condition that requires specially stored medication
  • A legitimate welfare or safety concern

If any of the above apply to you, please make sure to contact to discuss your specific accommodation requirements before submitting your application in July.

If you have a specific accommodation need which is not owing to a health, welfare, or mobility reason, there will be an opportunity to raise this when we ask you to register your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the earliest I can request to move in?

Standard accommodation contracts start from 02/Oct/2021, but it is possible to request a move in date from 25/Sep/2021, subject to availability. If your course starts in September or if you will be completing a pre-sessional English Language Course, it is possible to request a move in date up to one week before your course starts, subject to availability.

How do I let you know my room preferences?

You should let us know your preference for accommodation when you submit your online application in July. Please note that you can only apply for EITHER a single room OR a flat/studio, you cannot apply for both. 

Is there any other accommodation can I apply for?

You may also wish to apply to the University’s Graduate Accommodation Office which lets and manages rooms, flats and houses on sites owned by the University in and around Oxford city centre which are available for full-time graduate students. Please see the website at for more information on how to apply for this accommodation.

When would I find out if I’ve got college accommodation?

All applicants are informed of the outcome of their application for College Accommodation by 31/Jul/2021. Please note that this is subject to submitting a complete financial declaration form by the deadline of 11:59pm BST on 01/Jul/2021.

What are my rights as a tenant living in college accommodation?

You can find the 2021-22 terms and conditions located at the bottom of this page under 'Related Documents'. If you have any questions, please contact:


Contact us:


Email: | Phone: +44 (0)1865 284759



Email: | Phone: +44 (0)1865 284718

Related Documents: 
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