Graduate courses

Graduate courses

St Antony's College accepts applications in a wide range of subjects within the University of Oxford's Social Sciences Division and Humanities Division. 

To help ensure that the candidates to whom we offer a place find a good fit with your research and study interests at St Antony's, we allocate the courses we accept into three groups:

Group 1: Courses we commonly accept. The majority of current students are studying for courses in this group, which are closely related to the College's research interests.

Group 2: Courses we accept. More often than not, we have some students doing these courses each year. The Tutor for Admissions will carefully review the candidate’s application materials for linkage to the College’s research areas/specialisms in reaching a decision.

Group 3: Courses we accept when the candidate’s statement of purpose or research proposal demonstrates a strong link to the College’s research areas/specialisms. 

See the how to apply page for information about how we select candidates for admission to the College.

All courses are offered on a full-time basis unless a part-time option is specified below.

For individual course information for the courses we offer, please go the St Antony's College Courses page on the University Website.

The University of Oxford Graduate Admissions website offers information about all of these courses, including information about subject specific entry requirements, University scholarships and selection criteria.

Anthropology and Musem Ethnography (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Anthropology (full-time or part-time) 1
MPhil/MSc Social Anthropology 1
MPhil/MSc Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology 1
MPhil/MSc Medical Anthropology 3
Area Studies (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Area Studies 1
MPhil Global and Areas Studies 1
MPhil/MSc Japanese Studies 1
MPhil/MSc Latin American Studies 1
MPhil Modern Chinese Studies 1
MPhil/MSc Modern South Asian Studies 1
MPhil/MSc Russian and East European Studies 1
MSc African Studies 1
MSc Contemporary Chinese Studies 1
Continuing Education Group
MSt/PGDip Diplomatic Studies 1
Economics (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Economics (full-time or part-time) 2
MPhil Economics 2
Education (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Education (full-time or part-time) 1
MSc Education (Comparative & International) 1
MSc Education (Higher Education) 2
MSc Education (Research Design & Methodology) (full-time or part-time) 3
English (Humanities) Group
DPhil English 3
MSt World Literatures in English 3
Geography and the Environment (Social Sciences)  
DPhil Geography and the Environment (full-time or part-time) 2
MSc Environmental Change & Management 3
MSc Nature, Society & Environmental Governance 3
History (Humanities) Group
DPhil History (full-time or part-time) 1
DPhil History (History of Science and Medicine & Economic and Social History) (full-time or part-time) 2
DPhil History of Art (full-time or part-time) 3
MPhil/MSt History (all strands except Medieval History and History of War) (part-time option offered for MSt) 2
MPhil/MSc Economic and Social History 1
MPhil/MSc History of Science, Medicine & Technology 2
MSt Global and Imperial History 1
International Development (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil International Development (full-time or part-time) 1
MPhil Development Studies 1
MSc Economics for Development 1
MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy 1
MSc Migration Studies 1
MSc Refugee and Forced Migration Studies 1
Law (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Law 2
DPhil Criminology (full-time or part-time) 3
DPhil Socio-Legal Studies (full-time or part-time) 2
MPhil Law 2
MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice (full-time or part-time) 3
MPhil Socio-Legal Research 2
Management Studies, Saïd Business School (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Management 3
Medieval and Modern Languages (Humanities) Group
DPhil Medieval & Modern Languages (full-time or part-time) 3
MPhil/MSt Modern Languages 3
MPhil/MSt Slavonic Studies 3
MSt Film Aesthetics 3
Oriental Studies (Humanities) Group
DPhil Oriental Studies 1
MPhil/MSc Modern Middle Eastern Studies 1
MPhil/MSt Islamic Studies and History 2
MSt Korean Studies 2
MSt Oriental Studies 1
MSt Traditional China 1
Oxford Internet Institute (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Information, Communication and the Social Sciences (full-time or part-time) 2
DPhil Social Data Science (full-time or part-time) 2
MSc Social Data Science, MSc Social Data Science (1+3), MSc Social Data Science (1+6) 2
MSc Social Science of the Internet (full-time or part-time) 2
MSc Social Science of the Internet combined with DPhil Information, Communication and the Social Sciences (1+3) 2
Politics and International Relations (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil International Relations 1
DPhil Politics 1
MPhil International Relations 1
MPhil Politics: Comparative Government 1
MPhil Politics: European Politics and Society 1
MPhil Politics: Political Theory 1
MSc Political Theory Research 1
MSc Politics Research 1
Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Public Policy (full-time or part-time) 1
Master of Public Policy 1
Social Policy and Intervention (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation (full-time or part-time) 2
DPhil Social Policy (full-time or part-time) 2
MPhil/MSc Comparative Social Policy 2
MPhil/MSc Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation 2
Sociology (Social Sciences) Group
DPhil Sociology (full-time or part-time) 2
MPhil Sociology and Demography 1
MSc Sociology 2
Theology and Religion (Humanities) Group
DPhil Theology and Religon (full-time or part-time) 3