Promoting Research

Promoting Research

DPhil Studentship

In October 2012 the CISOQ Programme funding board approved the creation of a fully-funded 3-year (extending to a maximum of 4 years) graduate studentship, to enable outstanding students to undertake doctorate research within this area. The scholarship is funded entirely by the H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Chair in Contemporary Islamic Studies.Following independent assessment review scholarship awardees are: 

  • 2012, 4 years, Mr Jose Vericat - The Internal Conversation of Hamas: Salafism and the Rise of the Ulama
  • 2017, 4 years, Mr Martyn Rush - Capitalism with Islamic Characteristics? The tracing of the construction of Islamic capitalism through a genealogy of the concepts of the market, private property, and social justice in 20th century Islamic thought


Academic Visitors for Independent Research

  • The CISOQ programme also welcomes visiting scholars and visiting graduate students for self-funded independent research projects connected with some aspect of the programme's work.
  • Since the establishment of the programme, CISOQ has welcomed visiting academics from Belgium, Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Qatar, Turkey and the USA; and visiting graduate students from Beglium, France, Germany and Turkey.


Research Collaboration

Working with staff at the Qatar Foundation, Tariq Ramadan has established the Research Centre for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, with a vision of ‘Reform and Renewal of Contemporary Islamic Legal and Ethical Thought and Behaviour’, and a mission of ‘producing, applying, recommending and disseminating Islamic ethical thought and behaviour’. The CISOQ programme has worked with St Antony’s College providing the operational management and venue for some of the 3-day closed seminars which are a unique key component of CILE's research. These workshops bring together scholars of Islamic religious texts and expert practitioners to explore the contemporary challenges in specific subject fields. Convened at St Antony's College:

  • May 2015, scholars and practitioners navigated through key issues relating to Islamic Ethics and Gender; and a lively public panel discussion followed focusing upon ‘Women and Men in Religious and Ethical Thought: Towards an Alternative Approach’ in light of contemporary realities. Guest speakers were Dr Ziba Mir-Hosseini (University of London) | Dr Mohamed El-Tahir El-Mesawi (International Islamic University of Malaysia) | Professor Terrell Carver (University of Bristol) | Dr Ruqaia Jabir Al Ulwani (University of Bahrain).
  • April 2014 seminar considered Islamic Ethics and Education, with prominent scholars Dr Ahmed Addaghashi (Yemen) | Sheikh Wim Van Ael (Belgium) | Sheikh Ahmed Jaballah (France) | Dr Omar Faruk (Turkey) | Professor Khalid Samadi (Morocco) | Dr Farid Panjwani (Institute of Education, London)
  • May 2013 seminar on Islamic Ethics and Art including a public panel discussion on The Ethical Limits of Artistic Expression? An Islamic Perspective.  Dr Jasser Auda (CILE, Doha) | Dr Jonas Otterbeck (Lund University, Sweden) | Zarqa Nawaz (creator of the Canadian TV series Little Mosque on the Prairie) joined Professor Tariq Ramadan to explore the relationship between ethics religion and art and discuss whether Islamic ethics hinders artistic expression. Panelists ably and enthusiastically answered questions posed by University of Oxford students and the wider non-academic local community.