Sic itur ad astra | Dec 22 Edition

Prizes, awards, and other achievements

Prizes and Awards

Margaret MacMillan, Honorary Fellow and former Warden of St Antony’s, was one of six leading figures chosen by the late Queen and appointed by the King, as a member of the Order of Merit. Read more here.

Carla Power (Modern Middle Eastern Studies, 1989)

Carla’s book, Home, Land, Security: Deradicalisation and the Journey Back From Extremism (Penguin/Random House/One World, 2021) was one of two finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction, 2022.

Talking to former militants and the people who helped them leave violent extremism behind in places as various as Pakistan and Denmark, Germany and Indonesia, Home, Land, Security speaks to the rise of division and radicalisation, and innovative ways to stop it.

René Provost (DPhil Law, 1992)

Professor René Provost (Law 1992) won the 2022 Book Prize awarded by the International Society for Public Law (ICON-S) for the best book across administrative, constitutional, and international law for his book, Rebel Courts: the Administration of Justice.

Isaac Kardon (MPhil Modern Chinese Studies, 2007) was awarded the 2022 Perry World House and Foreign Affairs Emerging Scholars Policy Prize. This annual competition is an opportunity for early-career scholars to turn their original academic research on a pressing global policy issue into an outstanding essay that makes their ideas more accessible to policymakers and the broader public.

Julia Zulver (MPhil Latin American Studies, 2014; DPhil Sociology, 2018)

Julia's book, High-Risk Feminism in Colombia: Women's Mobilization in Violent Contexts (Rutgers University Press, 2022) won the International Studies Association Peace Studies Section’s Best Female Scholar Book Award. Read more here.

Narintohn Luangrath (MSc, Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, 2018) was awarded the Toll Public Interest Scholarship (University of Pennsylvania Law School), a three-year, full tuition and fees scholarship awarded for a demonstrated commitment to public interest law, strong academic record, and potential for leadership in the legal community.

Mark K. Setton (DPhil Oriental Studies, 1992) 

Mark's US-based non-profit organisation,, was recognised this year in a motion passed by Parliament. It specifically drew attention to an intervention focused on student wellbeing and depression prevention.

Warren A. Stanislaus (MPhil Japanese Studies, 2011) published an article in the Japan Forum journal From Cool Japan to Cold Japan: Grime Cyborgs in Black Britain (2022), and was awarded the 2022 Ian Nish Prize for best article by an early career scholar by the British Association for Japanese Studies.

Arzu Öztürkmen (SAM, 2005) has been elected as Chair of the Department of History at Boğaziçi University.

Derek Leebaert (DPhil Political Economy/History, 1983)

Derek's his book, Unlikely Heroes: Franklin Roosevelt, His Four Lieutenants, and the World They Made, published by New York: St. Martin's Press, 2023, won the biennial 2020 Harry S Truman Book Award for 'Grand Improvisation.'

Carmelo Mesa-Lago (Visiting Fellow, 1977) was awarded a Fulbright Program Senior Specialist Grant to conduct research at the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Policy in Munich, Germany in June-July 2022, for a book submitted to Oxford University Press: Comparative Socialist Models and Performance: Cuban Planned Economy and Sino-Vietnamise Socialist Market. Carmelo was also elected an Honorary Member of the Latin American Academy of Sciences, 2021.

Rafael Pastor (MPP, 2014) will receive an award in 2022 for 'best Professor of the MPP program' at Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile (2021), where he is a Reader on public management and state reform in this Master's programme.

Olufemi Vaughan (DPhil Politics, 1985) won a prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 2022. Read more here.

Luana DeBorst (MSc Comparative and International Education, 2019) was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct an independent research project on Education Policy in Ethiopia.

Sin Yi Cheung (DPhil Sociology, 1990) was elected Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales (2022)

David Gilmour (Research Fellow, 1996) is the Premio Biagio Agnes for a ‘lifetime contribution’ to Italian culture.

Ana María Otero-Cleves (DPhil Modern History, 2006) is winner of the inaugural Toynbee First Book Workshop Competition. The prize aims to support early career scholars in global history at a pivotal moment in their scholarly trajectory.

Other news

Paschalis M. Kitromilides (History of Political Thought, 1992-1993) won the London Hellenic Prize 2022 for the published book Critical Dictionary of the Greek Revolution.

Harvard is housing five of John G. Garrard's (SAM 2005 and 2015, Max Hayward fellow 1968) research archives. 'China after Mao' was recently digitised in its entirety and put online. You can see this here. 

We congratulate Alejandro Espinosa Herrera (MSc Latin American Studies & MSc Politics Research, 2012) on the birth of his first son in June 2022, named Eduardo.

We congratulate Preity Mohyal (MSc Contemporary India, 2012), Global Head of Policy for a Fintech and Writer/Blogger for the BBC, on her recent marriage.