Social Life

At St Antony’s, you will have the chance to make friends for life from across the world. Our Dining Hall and Late Bar have long had reputations for being places where conversations about life, the universe, and research happen.

Clubs and societies

The college has a variety of clubs and societies you can get involved with, including:

The College GCR (Graduate Common Room) also organise a range of events throughout the academic year. These include formal dinners, BOPs (parties, usually themed, for the whole student body), language immersion nights, lecture series, welfare teas, and more. You can also join the GCR Committee if you’d like to take a lead on the social life in college yourself!

The college also hosts a summer party for all college members, where we make the best of the British weather and enjoy good food and good company.

We also have an annual family day, where all college members with children can spend time together with some entertainment and activities. As a graduate college, many of our students have families and we encourage them to befriend and support each other through the dual tasks of studying and parenting.

In the spring and summer, as a student of St Antony’s, you can always take the college punt out from the nearby Cherwell Boathouse, too!