St Antony’s Boat Club Annual Fund

The St Antony’s Boat Club (SABC) Annual Fund will support the ongoing operational costs of SABC and includes boat maintenance and storage fees, coaches and training expenses, and saving for boat purchases once every five years. 

The Boat Club’s Annual Fund will be a flexible drawdown fund to support the ongoing operational costs of  SABC in collaboration with the College. In addition, to set yearly expenses, capital will also be devoted yearly into a ‘boat and equipment account’ to support fundraising once every 4-5 years for new vessels. Finally, the fund includes a mandate to guide the exploration of other strategic priorities for SABC. Governance of the fund is overseen by a management team of current and previous SABC rowers and College representatives, including the Senior Member and Development Director, which meets once a term. 

Professor Roger Goodman encourages donations to the fund: ” For more than 40 years, the St Antony’s Boat Club has been an integral part of student life at the College. With its growth in recent years and the intense use of the available boats, it is crucial that SABC has funding in place to cover some ongoing operational costs and to save for boat purchases at least once every five years. It is to this end that the Boat Club is setting up a specific SABC Fund which will be managed by its executive team, two former rowers and the College. As Warden of St Antony’s, I was delighted to be asked to be the Boat Club’s Senior Member, and I very much hope that the community of Old Antonian Rowers will support the SABC Fund. By doing so, you will help ensure that current and future generations of students can continue to row in the best possible equipment, together with the best coaches and training facilities.

Donate to the SABC Fund

Gifts can be made through the website of the University of Oxford.

A variety of tax breaks for charitable action can often enhance your gift. St Antony’s College is a registered charity (number 1141293).

Our donors from Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland, can make tax-efficient donations.  For more information, please follow this link