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The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes (Chris Patten), Chancellor of the University of Oxford. A former European Commissioner and Governor of Hong Kong, Lord Patten's books include: The Tory Case (1983); East and West (1998) and the most recent one Not Quite the Diplomat (2005). Lord Patten holds a regular Chancellor's Seminar once a term under the auspices of the Centre, usually with a distinguished European guest.


Academic Advisory Committee

  • Dr Othon Anastasakis
  • Prof Kalypso Nicolaidis
  • Mr. Jonathan Scheele
  • Dr Dorian Singh
  • Sir David Madden
  • Mr Graham Avery
  • Mr Adam Bennett
  • Ms Julie Adams
  • Dr Paul Flather
  • Prof Paul Betts
  • Mr Gijs De Vries
  • Prof Anne Deighton
  • Prof Nick Stargardt
  • Prof Timothy Garton Ash
  • Dr Cathryn Costello
  • Dr Paola Mattei
  • Prof Jan Zielonka
  • Dr Renee Hirschon
  • Prof Robert Gildea
  • Dr Hartmut Mayer
  • Dr Adis Merdzanovic
  • Ms Sarah Moran
  • Visiting Fellows for the Centre 2016-17
  • President of the European Affairs Society

Distinguished Friend of the College:

Sir David Madden


SCR Members:

  • Mr Graham Avery
  • Dr Valerie Caton
  • Mr Richard Davy
  • Prof Anne Deighton
  • Ms Gillian Edgeworth
  • Dr Paul Flather
  • Mr Stewart Fleming
  • Prof Michael Freeden
  • Mr Gene Frieda
  • Prof Andreas Gestrich
  • Dr Renee Hirschon
  • Mr John Howell
  • Sir David Madden
  • Dr Charles Powell
  • Prof Peter Pulzer
  • Lady Elizabeth Bray Bernard Roberts
  • Mr Jonathan Scheele