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The South East European Studies programme (SEESOX) proudly celebrated its 20th birthday in 2022.

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Part of the European Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, SEESOX focuses on the interdisciplinary study of the relationship between European integration and the politics, economics and societies of the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Drawing on the academic excellence of the University and an international network of associates, it conducts policy relevant research on the multifaceted transformations of the region in the 21st century. It follows closely conflict and post-conflict situations and analyses the historical and intellectual influences which have shaped perceptions and actions in the region. In Oxford’s best tradition, the SEESOX team is committed to understanding the present through the longue duree and reflecting on the future through high quality scholarship. SEESOX has the following objectives: 

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Since SEESOX was created, the political and economic climate in Europe has changed dramatically. The crisis in the euro area presents fundamentally new questions and challenges for the countries of the region, requiring fresh analysis. Events by SEESOX (seminars, conferences, and lectures in Oxford and the region) will bring an interdisciplinary perspective to bear on this new setting. But they all need funding to allow them to happen. If you would like to support and sustain this important work, you can give now by clicking here. This will direct you to the University ‘Online Giving’ page for SEESOX.

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