Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The College Student Handbook contains a great deal of useful information, as does this website. To get you started, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from current students... 

1. How do I get a certificate/letter proving I am a student here?

You can print your own enrolment certificate through the University’s Student Self Service. You will need your Single Sign On details (e.g. sant1234 and password) to log in. The College Registry can sign and stamp the certificate for you.

The College Registry can also produce/sign/stamp other letters on College letterhead for you. Examples of when this might be needed include: confirmation of fees and enrolment period for an external funding body; letter in support of a non-UK visa application; reference letter for a private landlord. 

2. Who can sign my GSO form for the College?

The Senior Registry Administrator will be pleased to complete your GSO form (such as an application for transfer/confirmation of status or deferral of a DPhil milestone) once you and your supervisor have filled in the first two sections. You can either email your form or bring it to our office in person.

Please also read our page on academic progress.

3. My University card has been lost/damaged/stolen; what should I do?

Follow the instructions on the Lost, damaged or stolen University card page or refer to section 2 of the Student Handbook.

4. How do I pay my battels?

Please see How to pay in the Fees and funding section of this website, or refer to section 9 of the Student Handbook.

5. What funding does the College have available for current students?

The College provides STAR grants to current students which are designed to help with the costs of fieldwork or presentation of your research at a conference. In addition, the College offers Writing up bursaries to DPhil students nearing completion. All students can apply to the Antonian Fund for projects or events that support and develop the College community.

At present, the College is unable to fund the registration fee for language courses run by the University Language Centre. You should consult with your Department/Faculty as they may be willing to pay the fee if the language instruction is essential for the course of study. Similarly, the College is currently unable to fund the costs of joining a University/College club or society. 

6. If I am applying for a STAR grant, when should I make my application?

STAR grant applications are accepted three times a year, once per academic term. You should apply to the deadline that is closest to the work taking place. We cannot accept retrospective applications (i.e. applications made for work that has already taken place). So for example if you are undertaking work at the beginning of March you should apply in the Hilary Term deadline,  or for work taking place in the summer you would apply in the Trinity Term deadline.

See also the STAR grant page on this website.

7. Who can help with a US or Canadian loan enquiry?

The University's US Loans team supports all graduates wishing to take out a loan or manage an existing loan. See US Loans webpages and the Canadian loans page. If you have a Canadian tax form, this is completed by the University team. However, if you need a US loan tax form to be completed, please contact the Accounts team.

8. Can I live outside Oxford whilst I am a student?

Please see the Residency requirement section for details.

9. How do I get permission for extra time in exams/use of a computer/other alternative arrangements in exams?

Please see the Exams and assessments section for details.

10. How do I find out about support mechanisms in College/around the University?

The Health and wellbeing section contains information about support offered to you in College and around the University, as well as offering links to other resources that students have found helpful.

11. How do I change the number of tickets I require for graduation?

Occasionally, additional guest tickets become available before the ceremony. If you would like to be added to a waiting list for an extra ticket please contact the Senior Registry Administrator