Apply to The Antonian Fund

The Antonian Fund was launched in December 2013 in order to provide support for a range of activities, enhancing student life, academically, socially and culturally, at the College.

It is entirely funded by the generosity of St Antony’s alumni, and our donors can designate their support towards the following areas within the Scheme:

Thanks to our supporters’ generosity, funds are available to support scholarships, travel and research grants, student-life funds, bursaries for DPhil students, and academic projects.

Current students of the College are invited to apply for projects that fall under the category Student Activities.

The Student Activities fund benefits the academic growth and life at the College of our students, and supports activities that enrich the student environment and experience. Donations to Student Activities will fund special lectures, workshops, and other academic activities as well as grants for societies, sports clubs, and other projects that will benefit the cultural life of the College.

To apply for funding via the Antonian Fund, please complete the downloadable Application Form and submit your application by email to the Development Office at: by the relevant deadline*.

Please note:

Prior to applying, please consult the Selection Criteria specified below. Please note that only projects falling within the criteria will be considered.

*The deadline for submissions is Monday, 20th May 2024. Grant winners will be announced shortly afterward. A condition for receiving the grant will be the willingness to provide a report that will be shared with the donors of the Antonian Fund and which may be used with the consent of the recipient for future fundraising purposes.

 Application Process Guidelines

All applications will be judged on the following:

Selection Criteria – Guidance and Restrictions

Project Timescale

Other Sources of Funding

Society related Support (College-registered Societies only)

Applications involving equipment or storage space

In general, the Antonian Fund does not fund the following:

Grants will normally be between £100 and £2,000. There will be the facility to invoice the Antonian Fund directly to access awarded funds.

STAR Grants

Please note that the Travel and Research Grants, which are also financed by the Antonian Fund, are run through a separate application process. This is organised by the Academic Office at St Antony’s, and further information can be found here.

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