Global Strategy Forum

Global Strategy Forum (GSF) in London is chaired by Lord Lothian. The Director is Jacqueline Jinks. They organise regular seminars devoted to the study of international affairs.

On 13 June 2012 they invited Sir David Madden of SEESOX to be a speaker at a seminar on Cyprus. Both GSF and SEESOX recognised the scope for continued collaboration, with SEESOX drawing on the outcomes of the events in their academic programmes to give informed presentations to the GSF. There have subsequently been eight events at which SEESOX has collaborated with GSF. Traditionally, following the presentaions and discussions, there is a lunch hosted by Lord Lothian in the Atlee Room at the House of Lords, with a lunchtime speaker selected by GSF.

After Turkey’s Elections: A Change Of Direction Or More Of The Same?
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June 2023

Weaponising migration: Challenges for Euope
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June 2022

The diasporas of South East Europe and their role in international relations
June 2019

The Berlin Process on its way to the London Summit: A bridge between the Western Balkans and the EU?’
June 2018

Turkey and The West: Prospects and recommendations for restoring trust
15 March 2017

The geopolitics of fear: South East Europe in a triangle of uncertainty – Russia, Middle East, North Africa
18 October 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina: New international thinking
3 March 2015

Serbia/Kosovo: The Brussels Agreements and beyond
4 February 2014

South East Europe: Revisiting convergence – diagnosis and prognosis
19 March 2013

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