Europe from above

The great majority of SEESOX events are held in St Antony’s College, with a general audience: either open to the public, or closed and with invited academic experts.

The following three categories of events are exceptions to this general rule:

Ambassadors’ Forum
An annual lunch held in St Antony’s since 2013 to bring together all the Ambassadors from South East Europe posted in London, for detailed round table discussion on a range of issues. Participation is limited to Heads of Mission, or their representatives, and Team SEESOX.

Cooperation with Global Strategy Forum in London, involving presentations by SEESOX on their events, including seminars, workshops and other symposia: and covering a range of regional issues. Again, this has happened annually since 2013.

SEESOX/NATO Public Diplomacy projects
A biennial pattern of collaborative events covering a range of the security challenges and issues in South East Europe. They attract a large audience including policy-makers, opinion-formers, academics, journalists, and – importantly – students.

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