Who we are and what we do

An introduction to the college can be found here

St Antony’s, like all the colleges of the University of Oxford, is an autonomous self-governing institution, and a registered charity. There is a Governing Body and details of current members can be viewed here: Governing Body Fellows. The members of the Governing Body are the Trustees of the charity. The College has one sub-committee which reports to Governing Body. This is the Management Executive Team (MET). MET meets very regularly during term time and its membership includes the Warden, the Bursar, the Sub-Warden, the Senior Tutor, the Dean, the Delegate for Finance/Tutor for Admissions and the GCR President.

St Antony's College Officers are the individuals who have been delegated responsibility from the Governing Body for the day-to-day administration of the College. 

The College has a number of policies, procedures and regulations to guide it; you can access them on our policies and procedures page.

Additionally, you may wish to read the College CharterStatutes, and Bylaws.

St Antony's research activities are focused on academic Research Centres, and the college employs research staff, provides fellowships for professors and lecturers, and supports research financially and through facilities.

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information relating to income, expenditure, assets and liabilities is published in the College’s Annual Report. Read the financial review and financial statements for 2021-22.

Our priorities

For Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections, and reviews see our latest Annual Report.

As a constituent College of the University of Oxford, the College’s priorities and future plans are determined in the context of those of the University. To facilitate this the College is represented at the Conference of Colleges by its Warden.

How we make decisions

Governing Body is the decision-making body of the College, and the decision-making process is set out in the 2021-22 Governance Report.