MECA Finding the Archive

The Middle East Centre Archive is housed in the spectacular Investcorp Building, designed by Zaha Hadid. The entrance is through the main College entrance and the directions below will guide you to the Archive. Please note that access to the Middle East Centre Archive is by appointment only and you will need to pick up an access card from the porter’s lodge.  For further details about booking an appointment, please see the Archive homepage.

Please note that step free access to the Archive is now possible. The step free route is around the Hilda Besse building. If you require step free access, please report to the porter’s lodge and the porters will show you the route.

1. Walk past 62 Woodstock Road.
2. At the entrance to the College, enter through the gates.
3. Once through the gates, turn left into the porter’s lodge.
4. Report to the porter. Tell them your name and that you are here to visit the Middle East Centre Archive. The porters will have a list of names of people who have made appointments to visit the Archive. They will then issue you with an Archive access card, which is to be returned to the archivist at the end of the day. If you would like access to the wireless internet, then please also ask the porter for a password for the Visitor’s network.
5. Then exit the porter’s lodge and continue on past the water fountain.
6. Then turn left and you will see the Investcorp Building.
7. Walk down the steps. Please note that there is step free access to the Archive going around the Hilda Besse Building, which the porter in the lodge can show you.
8. At the main entrance to the Investcorp Building, hold the Archive access card against the card reader (which is to the left of the door) and the door will then open. Please note that if there is a public event on in the building, then the door may automatically open without the need for the Archive access card.
9. Either take the lift to the left or the stairs to the right. The Archive reading room is on the 2nd floor. When taking the stairs, you will pass the Library on the 1st floor.
10. Once you reach the 2nd floor you will see a glass door to the Archive reading room. There are lockers in the corridor. Please leave coats, bags, pens and food and drink in the lockers. You are welcome to bring into the Archive reading room computers, digital cameras (but not scanners), pencils and paper.