The Library holds a comprehensive collection of periodicals in Arabic, Persian and Turkish

163 titles in Arabic, 56 titles in Persian and 54 titles in Turkish- some are still current and some have ceased publication.   
The strength of the collection lies in publications from late 19th and early 20th century. Examples include:

In addition, the collection includes mid-20th century publications on popular culture such as Roūz al-Yūsuf, al-Kawākib, and al-Ithnayn, to name but a few. 

The entire holding has been listed on a spreadsheet, according to the language of the publication, with a separate tab for each language.

Journals and Subscriptions

The Library holds a large collection of almost 200 titles of closed journals, plus 14 current subscriptions, in English and French.  The University of Oxford subscribes to electronic versions of some of the MEC library periodical holdings.  Such titles are highlighted on the list. 
The entire holding is in alphabetical order, including separate tab for the characters. There is also a tab for the Library’s current subscriptions. 

Both collections are stored outhouse, therefore a 24 hour notice is required for library staff to transfer the periodical/s to the reading room.

Your request should include : title; shelfmark; year; volume and/or issue number

Requests can be emailed to the MEC Library :
Please note that the Library reserves the right to decline a request if an item is either in a fragile condition or is too large to handle.