MEC Library Regulations

Regulations relating to the use of the facilities

The following is an adaptation from the “Rules of conduct for readers” made by the Curators of the University Libraries on 16 June 2014 effective from 10 October 2014. The MEC Library provides services to the University community at large, and so adheres to the Rules of conduct as established by the Curators.


  1. In these rules “material” means any material, including electronic material, owned by or in the possession or custody of the MEC Library; “issued” means legitimately in a reader’s possession either as a loan, an intended loan or for consultation or use within a library, and including material and equipment legitimately taken directly by a reader without the intermediation of library staff.
  2. All readers using the MEC Library are deemed to be bound by the current rules of conduct.

Use of the Library

  1. A valid University card, Library card or day pass is required to enter the Library.
  2. A University card / library card / day pass and computer password are for the exclusive use of the individual to whom they were issued. You must not pass them to another person, or use them for another person’s benefit.
  3. Your University card / library card / day pass must be carried at all times and be shown to any member of Libraries staff who requests to see it. If you do not show your card or pass you will be asked to leave the Library.
  4. Should your name or contact details change, or if your card / pass is lost or stolen, you must inform the Libraries immediately.
  5. You must observe all rules and instructions relating to the introduction, deposit, and inspection of bags and cases.
  6. You may bring visitors into a library only with the express permission of library staff authorised to provide such permission. You must accompany your visitors at all times.
  7. You may not bring animals into a library, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  8. You must follow all emergency procedures, including evacuation in the event of a fire or fire drill. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
  9. You must leave library premises by the stated closing time.
  10. You must follow all other reasonable requests of library staff.

Considerations of Others

Staff and readers must be able to work without disturbance and in an environment that is conducive to study.  Therefore:

  1. Treat staff, other readers and visitors with courtesy and respect at all times. Do not behave in a way that causes or is likely to cause inconvenience, annoyance, or offence to other readers, visitors or members of staff.
  2. Consider other readers and behave in a way that does not disturb them. Computers, mobile phones, pagers and other equipment must be on silent and headphones inaudible to other readers, except where indicated by library notices and signs. Do not speak into devices, except where indicated by library notices and signs.
  3. If you observe breaches or attempted breaches of these rules of conduct you are asked to report them to library staff and not intervene yourself.
  4. You must not smoke in any part of a library.
  5. You must show due regard for your own safety and that of other readers, visitors and staff.
  6. You must not prejudice the safety or well-being of any other reader, member of library staff or visitor by engaging in disorderly, threatening or offensive behaviour.

Use of the Library Resources

The following is the procedure for the use of the MEC library collections to help ensure that they are adequately protected.

  1. Library material and equipment is your responsibility at all times when you are using it, or until you have returned any issued items in accordance with library procedures. You must protect material or equipment issued to you and must not damage it or expose it to hazardous conditions.
  2. You may only make copies from library material as allowed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Legal Deposit Libraries (Non-Print works) Regulations 2013 and as amended by any subsequent legislation.
  3. You must not use library facilities, including IT or network facilities, either for private profit or commercial purposes without specific authorisation from the library staff.
  4. You must follow all procedures for taking material from the shelves, borrowing material, or downloading material.
  5. You must return promptly any library material or equipment issued to you, in accordance with the terms upon which it was issued.
  6. You must not pass items issued to you to another person. Neither should you use items issued to another reader.

Looking after Library Materials

The MEC Library has an obligation to preserve its collection for the users of today and the future. Theft or deliberate or reckless damage of Library material are criminal offences and may result in prosecution.

  1. You must not write in, mark or otherwise deface or damage library material or equipment in any way.
  2. You must use only library-approved facilities to photocopy, photograph or scan material in the library.
  3. You may not eat or drink in a library except as and where indicated by library notices and signs.
  4. You may use your own computers or other equipment only in accordance with the instructions of library staff.
  5. You must not engage in conduct which infringes the Statutes and regulations of the University governing the use of the property of or in the possession or custody of the University, or the facilities and services provided by or on behalf of the University, including the regulations relating to the Use of Information Technology & Facilities.

Breaches of Rules of Conduct:

The purpose of imposing a sanction is to make clear to the reader that breach or attempted breach of the rules is unacceptable, and/or to protect the well being of readers, staff and visitors and/or the material of the libraries.

  1. You are liable to pay fines for late return of material borrowed.
  2. You are responsible for the costs of making good the damages or loss of materials, including administrative and replacement costs.
  3. You may be barred from using or connecting computers or technology peripherals to the MEC Library’ IT networks, equipment or services where breaches of Statutes, regulations or rules of conduct involves the misuse of these facilities.
  4. The MEC Library grants access to its facilities and services subject to acceptance by the reader of the associated rules of conduct. Sanctions, including the withdrawal of access and services, may be imposed on readers who breach or attempt to breach these rules. Further, the MEC Library may suspend access and services whilst allegations of breach or attempted breach of the rules of conduct are investigated and determined. Where a breach of the rules cannot be resolved on a local and informal basis, action will be taken in accordance with Statute XI and associated regulations and protocols.
  5. The Library may use all avenues open to it to recover monies owed, including court action.
  6. The MEC Library librarian has a responsibility to ensure that readers abide by the rules of conduct and, where necessary, to report incidents to the Centre Director.