Matriculation is the ceremony that marks your formal admission to the University. The main matriculation ceremony for new students is on Saturday of the first week of Michaelmas term.

About matriculation Matriculation timetable Dress code Incorporation

About matriculation

Attendance at a matriculation ceremony is compulsory unless:

  • You are a Visiting Graduate Student
  • You have already matriculated for a previous degree at Oxford
  • You are entitled to incorporate (see below)

Non-attendance is considered a serious matter.

St Antony’s offers matriculands tea and coffee on arrival, a group photograph after the ceremony, the opportunity to have individual photographs taken, and a buffet lunch.

The main matriculation ceremony for new students takes place will be on Saturday of Week 1 of Michaelmas (autumn) Term. If you are unable to matriculate on this day for reasons of religion or belief, please notify the Registry Office, and we will arrange for you to matriculate at a weekday ceremony at the end of Michaelmas term.

Students starting their course in Hilary (spring) or Trinity (summer) terms will matriculate at the end of their first term, and will be advised of the date by email.

Please note that the matriculation ceremony and other events on matriculation day are not open to members of the public, including family members. 

Matriculation day timetable

The timetable for matriculation day will be made available to students in advance of the ceremony. You will be asked to arrive in time to register and for the group photograph. The group photograph is followed by lunch in the hall.

Photographers will also be available for individual and small group photographs.

After lunch, students will proceed with the Dean to the Sheldonian Theatre. You are free to leave after the ceremony and do not need to return to college.

Dress code

It is extremely important that students are dressed correctly for matriculation as there is a strict dress code. The required dress for matriculation is known as sub fusc. Students who are not correctly attired will not be admitted to the ceremony.

Please see the University of Oxford illustrated academic dress guide for full details about what to wear and links to academic dress suppliers. You should arrange to hire or buy this in good time for the ceremony.


Students who have already had a degree conferred by Cambridge or Trinity College Dublin can choose to incorporate instead of matriculate. However, they are welcome to matriculate at Oxford if they wish. Please contact the College Registrar for more details about incorporation.