Our students

Our students

St Antony’s welcomes graduate students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

St Antony's student body 2014/15

There is no typical ‘St Antony’s student’ as such, but our students do share a common focus, pursuing graduate study that is informed and shaped by the wider global context. That said, our student body is highly international, and many of our students have experiences of living in different countries.

An increasing number of students come to St Antony’s with at least some substantive work experience.

Our students come here to achieve a range of objectives, whether that be to deepen their understanding of their academic subject, to consolidate their professional practice and life experiences, or as preparation for the next stage of their career, be that in academia, development, government, the private sector or elsewhere.

As a student at St Antony’s, your interactions with other graduates, academic fellows and visiting researchers will challenge and inspire you, and give you new perspectives to inform not just your research, but also your future career.

Many of our students play an active role in the College community, whether as elected representatives for the Graduate Common Room (GCR), or by participating in the student clubs and societies on campus. The large number of academic seminars and conferences held at St Antony’s each year is a direct reflection of our students’ desire to engage with the latest developments in theory and policy.

Alumni of St Antony’s can be found in prominent positions across the world, and each year a number of alumni are invited back to College to share their experiences with current students, for example at the Careers Conference.