MECA Oman Oral History

MECA Oman Oral History

The Middle East Centre Archive holds oral history interviews from two projects led by Fiona Warton to interview veterans from the Sultan's Armed Forces who served in Oman in the 1960s-1970s. The project 'Frontier Force: Reflections on Securing Dhofar for Civil Development 1972-79' and 'Reflections on the Oman Insurgency 1965-1975 and its renaissance'.

For other collections relating to Oman please see our Oman Archive webpage.

Oman Oral History Guide

List of Oman Oral History Interviews

The length of the interviews are rounded to the nearest minute.

  • Abbot, David (b.1938). 22 SAS. 75 minutes.
  • Akehurst, Lady Shirley. Widow of General Sir John Akehurst. 50 minutes.
  • Allen, Gordon (b.1950). Royal Artillery. 107 minutes.
  • Austin, Mike (b.1945). 71 minutes.
  • Baker, Neville (b.1924). SOAF. 112 minutes.
  • Blackett, Sandy (b.1948) Muscat Regiment 1971-1973. 69 minutes.
  • Blair-Hickman, Bill (b.1942). SOAF 1975-1978. 65 minutes.
  • Blashford-Snell, John (b.1936). Royal Engineer (Engineer Field Squadron). 76 minutes.
  • Brett, Jules (b.1936). SOAF. 59 minutes.
  • Butcher, Peter (b.1947). SOAF (Helicopter Squadron) 1972-1974. 38 minutes.
  • Cameron, Allan (b.1945) SAS. 40 minutes.
  • Christie, Ian Alexander (b.1935). Commander Muscat Regiment 1974-1977. 52 minutes.
  • Cole, Roger (b.1944). 22 SAS. 65 minutes.
  • Collett, David (b.1946). SAS. 22 minutes.
  • Cook, Will (b.1951). Royal Artillery. 174 minutes.
  • Cooke, Martin (b.1950) Royal Marines seconded to Frontier Force in 1975 as Intelligence Officer and then Company Second in Command, Jan 1977 moved to Western Frontier Force as Company Commander and left Sultan’s Armed Forces in July 1977. 67 minutes.
  • Cooper, Brian (b.1941). SAS. 65 minutes.
  • Gardiner, Ian (b.1950) Royal Marines in Oman 1973-1975. 85 minutes.
  • Gregg, Tresham (b.1947). Served in Northern Frontier Regiment, Desert Regiment and Plains Company 1971-1973. 71 minutes.
  • Grey, Denis "Nobby" (b.1946). SOAF. 47 minutes.
  • Hastie-Smith, Robin (b.1947). SAF, Muscat Regiment 1972-1973. 36 minutes.
  • Herbert, Mike "Herbie". SOAF 1975-1978. 109 minutes.
  • Higgins, Andrew (b.1948). Royal Army Veterinary Corps, Veterinary Officer for HM Sultan Qaboos. 46 minutes.
  • Hiscock, Peter (b.1935). Served in Frontier Force 1977-1980. 18 minutes.
  • Hiscock, Susan. Nurse who served in UAG Military hospital and a rural health team. Married to Peter Hiscock Commander of Frontier Force. 42 minutes.
  • Hodgson, Paul. SAF Armoured Car Squadron. 214 minutes.
  • Howard, Alan (b.1949). Royal Marines in Oman with 2 Coy Desert Regiment 1971-1974. 90 minutes.
  • Howerski, David (b.1949). Royal Artillery and 22 SAS. 157 minutes.
  • Isaacs, Peter (b.1941). Served in Frontier Force 1975-1978 Company Commander, Battalion Second in Command. 159 minutes.
  • Jeapes, Tony (b.1935). 22 SAS - 1959 took part in the Jebel Akhdar campaign in Northern Oman. Returned to Dhofar 1970 (22 SAS squadron commander). 225 minutes.
  • John, Richard (b.1933). Major in command of an Arab Infantry Company of the Muscat Regiment and in 1970 2nd in command of the Jebel Regiment. Later promoted to Lt Colonel commanding the Oman Gendarmier. In 1973 offered job of Joint Services Welfare Officer to SAF and served until 1986. 90 minutes.
  • Kemball, Christopher (b.1946). SAF Northern Frontier Regiment 1972-1975. 51 minutes.
  • King-Fretts, Paddy (b.1941). 22 SAS. 50 minutes.
  • Knopp, John (b.1948). Joined in Frontier Force in Jan 1974 initially Base Adjutant in Raysut, joined A Coy as they returned from OP SIMBA, then involved in operations on the Eastern Jebal including the reopening of the road to Marbat, Sudh, establishing a southern road route into Tawi Atair and patrolling from White City during the Khareef and Commanded A Coy from Mar 1975 on OP HORNBEAM until leaving the Sultan’s Armed Forces in Sept 1975. 111 minutes.
  • Lamb, Neil (b.1948). SAF 1973-1975 in Muscat Regiment and SAF Officer Training Wing, SAFTR. 42 minutes.
  • Lockhart, Hugh (b.1945). Seconded to Sultan’s Armed Forces 1972-1973. 64 minutes.
  • Mason, David (b.1951). SAF Desert Regiment 1974-1976. 92 minutes.
  • Mackain-Bremner, Fergus (b.1929). Commanded Muscat Regiment 1970-1972. 32 minutes.
  • Maunsell, Eyre (b.1949). Served in Dhofar in the Armoured Car Squadron 1975-1977. 73 minutes.
  • McKeown, John (b.1941). SAF 1975-1977 as GS02 (Intelligence). 89 minutes.
  • Peters, Richard "Dick" (b.1943). 23 SAS. In SAF he was 2nd in command of Red Company, The Desert Regiment. Served in Oman 1967-1970. 40 minutes.
  • Rahim, Abdul "JB"(b.1957). 97 minutes.
  • Ramsay, Angus (b.1946). SAF - in command of a rifle company. 90 minutes.
  • Ray, Bryan (b.1929). SAF commanded Northern Frontier Regiment Feb-Apr 1974. 98 minutes.
  • Robinson, Vyvyan (b.1930). Served in Sultan’s Armed Forces 1969-1974. 65 minutes.
  • Sadiqi, Malaalah Al. SOAF. 39 minutes.
  • Salusbury-Trelawny, Jonathan (b.1934). Commanding Officer of the Frontier Force Regiment 1974-1977. 15 minutes.
  • Seeney, David (b.1945). 43 minutes.
  • Sichel, Peter (b.1946). 205 minutes.
  • Smith, Michael (b.1950). 45 minutes.
  • Southby-Tailyour, Ewen (b.1942). Royal Marines served in the Northern Frontier Regiment 1966-1968. 73 minutes.
  • Stirrup, Lord "Jock" Graham Eric (b.1949). RAF and on loan to SOAF 1973-1975. 52 minutes.
  • Tawell, Peter (b.1948). SAF Northern Frontier Regiment 1971. 51 minutes.
  • Telford, Michael (b.1936). SOAF. 56 minutes.
  • Turle, Arish (b.1939). SAS. 83 minutes.
  • Vakatalai, Jim (b.1943). SAS. 65 minutes.
  • Venn, David (b.1941). Royal Marines, seconded to SAF 1971-1972. 221 minutes.
  • Wakolo, Takavesi (b.1943). SAS. 75 minutes.
  • Ward, John (1940-2016). SAS. 55 minutes.
  • Ward, Susan and John. Oman Research Department. 80 minutes.
  • Webb, Michael (b.1949). Contract officer in Frontier Force from 1974-1975. Sound recording only. 51 minutes.
  • West, Barry (b.1937). 42 minutes.
  • Williams, Peter (b.1951). Served in the Frontier Force from 1976-1978. 67 minutes.
  • Wilkinson, Nigel (b.1945). SOAF. 65 minutes.
  • Wilson, Stewart (b.1951). SAF - Northern Frontier Regiment and Frontier Force 1977-1979 and then posted to Northern Frontier Regiment as the training officer 1980-1982. 31 minutes.
  • Winner, Pete (b.1946). SAS. 74 minutes.


More catalogues will be added in due course.

Neville Baker Collection (PDF File)

Oral history video interview of Wing Commander Neville Baker in conversation with Fiona Warton for the project 'Reflections on the Oman Insurgency 1965-1975 and its renaissance.' The interview covers Neville Baker’s service in the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force 1970-1978, especially his time as Squadron Leader of 3 Squadron and the introduction of helicopters into the Sultan’s Armed Forces. The interview is 1 hour 51 minutes 54 seconds in length. 3 digital VOB files. Handlist.