MECA Oman Oral History

MECA Oman Oral History

The Middle East Centre Archive holds oral history interviews from two projects led by Fiona Warton to interview veterans from the Sultan's Armed Forces who served in Oman in the 1960s-1970s. The project 'Frontier Force: Reflections on Securing Dhofar for Civil Development 1972-79' and 'Reflections on the Oman Insurgency 1965-1975 and its renaissance'.

The interviews are only available for viewing in the Archive reading room (remote access through digital copies is not supported) and permission is required from Fiona Warton for quotation in publication. Permission is not required for quotation in unpublished material (such as student essays, dissertations and theses) providing the source is acknowledged. Please also note that none of the interviews have been transcribed. The length of each interview is indicated in the catalogue descriptions in the Oman Oral History Guide.

Please also note that these interviews are covered by General Data Protection Regulations and access is dependent on compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. For further information on applying for access, please contact the archivist at

Oman Oral History Guide (PDF file)

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