MECA Rules

MECA Rules

Middle East Centre Archive Reading Room Rules and Conduct

Archives are unique and irreplaceable please:

  • Take care not to mark, tear or deface documents.
  • Do not lean on documents or rest note pads on them.
  • Use pencils not pens for note taking.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking in the reading room.
  • Keep papers in the same order in which you find them.
  • Foam rests and paperweights are available for bound volumes.
  • Cotton gloves, provided by the Archive, must be worn when handling photographic material.


In addition to the care and handling of documents readers should take care not to disrupt the work of other readers or the Archivist by frequent comments about the material they are reading. Only clear plastic bags are permitted in the reading room, all other bags, including handbags, must be left in the lockers provided. Coats and jackets are not permitted in the reading room.

Please note: harassment of staff is not tolerated by St Antony's College and will lead to exclusion from the Archive. Any complaints should be directed to Dr Eugene Rogan (Director, Middle East Centre).

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