The Pamphlet collection comprises approximately 5000 items, related to Turkey, Iran, Israel and the Arab world.  Publications have been divided into 20 countries and areas to include the Trucial States, GCC and the UAE.   


Iraq-Employment handbook

Iraq-First Agricultural exhibition


Iran- Women Political Participation

Israel- First Constitution

Please click on the link below to find details of the country or the area that you are interested in, the list below is arranged alphabetically: 
ALGERIA file algeriasept-2022.xlsx
EGYPT file egyptsept-2022.xlsx
GCC file gccoct-2022.xlsx
IRAN file iranoct-2022.xlsx
IRAQ file iraq101220.xlsx 
ISRAEL file israel101220.xlsx
JORDAN file jordan101220.xlsx 
LEBANON file lebanon101220.xlsx 
LIBYA file libya101220.xlsx 
MIDDLE EAST (general) file middleeast101220.xlsx;
MISCELLANEOUS file miscellaneous101220.xlsx 
MOROCCO file morocco101220.xlsx
NORTH AFRICA (general) file northafrica101220.xlsx 
PALESTINE file palestine101220.xlsx 
PALESTINIANS file palestinians101220.xlsx
SAUDI ARABIA file saudiarabia101220.xlsx 
SUDAN file sudan101220.xlsx 
SYRIA file syria101220.xlsx
TRUCIAL STATES & UAE file trucialstatesuae101220.xlsx 
TUNISIA file tunisia101220.xlsx
TURKEY file turkey101220.xlsx 

The collection is stored outhouse, therefore, a day's notice is required for library staff to transfer the requested item/s to the reading room for consultation. Requests can be emailed to : 
Please note the library reserves the right to decline a request if an item is either too fragile or too large to handle.