MEC Library Gift Policy

MEC Library Gift Policy

MEC Library : Book donation and gifts

We would like to profusely thank the Friends of the MEC Library for their continued generous contributions and support, which has enabled the Library to further develop its collecions and improve its services and facilities for readers.   

1. Book donation:

The Library is more than happy to receive book donations. Depositing any periodical is not encouraged, except for a complete run of a relevant periodical that is missing from the MEC collection. 
The Library Retention Policy is outlined below to guide you through in making a donation:

i. The Library will be delighted to add any book donations, either small or large, if they do fall within its remit. For the acquisition policy, please see the "MEC Library Acquisition Policy".

ii. Small collection: in the case of receiving a collection of less than 20 volumes, the Library will add the donor’s name on the bookplate, to identify the source.  

iii. Large collection: the Library will name any donated collection of over 20 volumes after the donor.  The Library will design a special bookplate to that effect, to inlcude the initials of the donor to the given class/mark to each title that adds to the collection.  
The Library is proud to include many invaluable collections amongst its holdings that have been given to the Library either as “donation” or as “Bequeathed”. Instances include: a. Bequeathed collection of  Sir Denis Wright; b. Bequeathed library of Harold and Doreen Ingrams; c. Donated collection by Dr Ali Allawi;  d. Donated collection by Ivor Lucas - to list but a few.

iv. Any part of the donation not used will be sold.  The sale proceeds will be spent on purchasing new books by the Library. New accessions arising out of such sales will be treated as part of that named collection, as described above.   

2. Gifts:

The Library similarly acknowledges with deep gratitude those Friends of the MEC Library for their generous contribution towards funding collection development as well as no less importantly improving library facilities. 
Such contributors are: a. Professor Joseph Sassoon, whose gift has enabled the Library to build a large collection of the most popular of Archive Editions, which otherwise would have been beyond the Library's reach ; b. The Soudavar Foundation. the Library has vastly improved its Iranian Studies section, thanks to a substantial gift made by another Friend of the MEC Library.; c. Mr Marwan Shakarchi whose vital contribution made possible the purchase of a much-needed modern microfilm digitising, USB scanner and software, allowing researchers to easily save, manipulate, copy and consult the Library's unique microfilm collection onsite.  The Oxford University Library Services offers only one other scanner located in the Central Bodleian Library.

Please help your Library in its fundraising campaigns to improve its facilities and expand its collections. As a small token of appreciation, we will duly name any item that has been funded by you, as outlined above.
We will be more than happy to discuss the ways in which your gift will be received and acknowledged.  

To make any donation please either contact the Centre Director, Professor Eugene Rogan:, or the library at