Middle East Politics Seminar

Middle East Politics Seminar

The Middle East Politics Seminar meets 2-3 times a term to discuss a working paper or chapter from a book project. Seminar participants are drawn from faculty and doctoral students who live in and around Oxford.

For more information on the seminar series or to join the mailing list, please email: humeyra.biricik@politics.ox.ac.uk

Michaelmas 2023

October 24 - Dr Mona Tajali (Agnes Scott College) “ Women and electoral politics in Iran and Turkey: Undemocratic structures and feminist resistance”

November 21 -  Andrew O’Donohue (Harvard University) “Networks versus Institutions: Why Legal Institutions Are Political Weapons, Not Democratic Constraints, in Turkey”

Hilary Term 2024

February 6 - Amiad Haran Diman (University of Oxford, Lincoln College) “Shifting Front Lines, Shifting Logics: Disentangling the Changing Strategies of Civilian Targeting in Armed Conflict”

February 20 - Professor Nermin Allam (Rutgers University) “Afterlife of Women's Participation in the Egyptian Uprising”

Trinity Term 2024

May 14 - Salma Daudi (University of Oxford, Somerville College) “Anatomy of an organized Urbicide: The Systematic Weaponization of Health in Syria”

May 28 - Professor Sarah Bush (University of Pennslyvania) “Economic Diversification and Climate Change in the Middle East ”


Past Seminars

6 June - Ashrakat Elshehawy (Somerville) "Foreign interventions and women’s socio-economic outcome"

16 May - Bruno Schmidt-Feuerheerd (University of Cambridge) "Posts, Patriots, and Propaganda: Nationalist Mobilization and Autocratic Renewal in Saudi Social Media"

2 May - Max Gallien (Institute for Development Studies) "Between God, the people, and the state: Citizen conceptions of zakat"

28 February 2023 - Ala' Alrababa'h (ETH Zurich) "The Dynamics of Refugee Return: Syrian Refugees and Their Migration Intentions"

14 February 2023 - Youssef El-Chazli (Paris 8) "The Arab Offspring. The Private Wakes of the Egyptian Revolution"

29 November 2022 - Samer Anabtawi (UCL) "The Mobilisation of Heritage in Queer Liberation Movements in the MENA"

8 November 2022 - Maryam Alamzadeh (St Antony's) "Contingencies of Structure: How Human Interactions Mold Revolutionary States"

18 October 2022 - Anne Wolf (All Souls) "Tunisia, 14 January 2011: How the belief in Ben Ali’s escape secured regime collapse"

22 February 2022 - Thoraya El-Rayyes (LSE) "Rallying under Authoritarianism: Evidence from Jordan"