The 90s DAC Scholarship

Supporting Students from the Global South.

In 2023 alone, 35 students who had undertaken their first degrees at a university in a Development Assistance Country (DAC), as defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, had been offered places on one-year (MSc) Master’s courses at the College. They were, however, unable to take up those places due to a lack of funding.

A door that those students had, against the odds, opened by their own merit, had been closed – for purely financial reasons – before they could go through it. It is not the first year that this has happened and we know that it also applies to students doing two-year (MPhil) and even doctoral (DPhil) programmes.

St Antony’s aim is to be accessible to the best students from across the world, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, the Governing Body has decided to make raising funds for those students who did their undergraduate degree in a DAC country the number one priority for the College. 

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The 90s DAC Scholarship

The 90s generation of Antonians are invited to leave collectively – as a cohort – a lasting impact on the College and future students from the Global South by creating an endowed scholarship. 

Maria Mazzone (MPhil Social Anthropology 1995) explains in this video what St Antony’s means for her and why she hopes the 90s generation rallies behind this initiative:

Help us to make a difference

The target is to raise £1 million for the endowment which will allow the College to offer a DAC Scholarship in perpetuity covering all academic fees, accommodation and other living costs.

There are a number of naming options available for Antonians who support the DAC scholarship:

Antonians are welcome to join forces and dedicate jointly a table, room or flat after a year, person, city, or anything else that seems appropriate.

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