The European Political Economy Forum at the ESC

The European Political Economy Forum at the ESC

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EuPEP | European Studies Centre | St Antony's College | Oxford | OX2 6JF
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The European Political Economy Forum at the ESC analyses political economy issues facing Europe. It serves as an umbrella for policy-oriented research on European economic institutions and practices in the face of evolving socio-political pressures.

What we do
The European Political Economy Forum addresses institutional issues challenging Europe in the wake of the 2011-12 crisis, with a main focus on economic and financial architecture. A key tenet is that European institutions are more likely to be legitimate and durable if their design is informed by a multi-disciplinary approach which draws on analytical frameworks from across the social sciences. EuPEP’s research pays special attention to the diversity of circumstances and experiences across both European Union members and their neighbours. 

  • In 2019-20, it concentrated on the interactions among countries inside and outside the euro area, culminating in the January 2020 conference, Life Outside the Euro--Monetary and Financial Issues for the EU Periphery and BeyondIt also provided a forum for discussing political-economic Brexit concerns and EU budget issues.
  • In 2021, the main theme is on the political economy of managing climate change, given Europe’s transformational Green Deal and Britain’s host role for COP26 international climate negotiations. A conference on January 21, 2021 European Climate Action--Political Economy Challenges, kicked off the agenda, and is being followed by a series of related seminars. EuPEP is also collaborating on discussions of how Europe is managing covid, and continuing its longer-term research efforts on strengthening financial stability and governance.

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