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MECA Accessions

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The Middle East Centre Archive is an active collecting Archive. We receive many new collections or additions to existing collections every year. This page is devoted to advertising newly catalogued and available material.

Our annual accession list is sent to the National Register of Archives every January and can be viewed from our entry on the Archon Directory and on The National Archives Discovery Database

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Newly available material

Please note the title of each collection leads to the catalogue as a PDF file. To view pdf files you should install a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Peter Clark Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 17 May 2023

French map of Tunisia in 1904 and a collection of 77 postcards with images of Lebanon, Palestine and Syria c1900s-1930s. The postcards include general views of towns, historic buildings and archaeological and religious sites. Most of the postcards are of Aleppo, Deir El Zor, Jerusalem and Palmyra. 1 box. Handlist.

Palestine Police Service Records Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 27 Apr 2023

Palestine Police service record cards for British and Palestinian policeman 1930s-1948, as well some service records of Palestinians who were employed in the prison service 1920-1948, as for example, messengers, typists, clerks, engineers, teachers and translators. The majority of the records (63 boxes) are for British Palestine policemen and a smaller set of the records (12 boxes) are for Palestinian Palestine policemen and there is 1 box of records for Palestinians who were employed in the prison service. The Palestine Police service record cards have a standard format and include information such as force number (service number), full name, father’s name, nationality, date and place of birth, previous occupation or trade, marital status, information on next of kin, the date of enlistment and appointment, a photograph and signature of the holder, education, appointments and promotions, divisions at which the holder served with dates of transfers, leave register, medical history, family register (such as date of marriage), commendations and rewards, punishments and particulars of discharge. Not all of the service record cards have photographs and the quantity of information filled out in the cards varies. 76 boxes. Handlist. Please note that access to the Palestine Police Service Records Collection is subject to the provisions of data protection legislation. Please ask the archivist for further details.

Richard Edenborough Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 22 Mar 2023

TS memoir ‘Wandering for Winthrop’ by Richard Edenborough giving an account of his business trip to the Middle East, 8 Nov – 20 Dec 1954, as part of his work for Winthrop Products, a subsidiary of the American firm Sterling Drug Inc. The memoir consists extracts from letters to his family, illustrated by postcards and photographs and describes his journey and experiences visiting Athens, Damascus, Cairo, Beirut, Tehran, Baghdad, Aden, Karachi, Asmara, Khartoum and London. 1 box. Handlist.

Tom Bremridge Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 17 Mar 2023

Printed memoir 'Gunner Officer Defects to the Infantry. Tom Bremridge - Desert Regiment, Sultan's Armed Forces, Sultanate of Oman 1971-1972' illustrated with photographs. The memoir provides a brief introduction to ‘Oman and the War 1968-1975’ and provides an account of Tom Bremridge’s service, as an infantry officer in the Sultan’s Armed Forces in the Desert Regiment in Akoot, Mughsayl and Sarfait. 1 file. Handlist.

Danny Morrison Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 3 Mar 2023

Papers mainly relating to Danny Morrison’s service in the Palestine Police (1931-1940) but also including a few items relating to his service in the Nyasaland Police (1940-1961), as well as one photograph of Danny Morrison in his Palestine Police uniform. The papers include a letter of recommendation for his application to join the Palestine Police, his Palestine Police contract and re-engagement declaration, as well as correspondence, including an obituary, from Palestine Police veterans remembering Danny Morrison’s life and career and biographical information written by Mary Abela. 1 file. Handlist.

David Coppin Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 20 Jul 2022

Papers and photographs relating to David Coppin’s life and service in the Middle East including 35mm colour slides of Bahrain in 1964, photographs from his service in Oman in the Sultan’s Armed Forces 1964-1966 and the Soldier’s magazine from 1964; papers and photographs relating to his service in the Dubai Defence Force 1973-1974, photographs and an article about a journey in Yemen in 1980; papers and photographs from his time in Oman in 1985-1986 whilst working as an Administration Manager on the Sultan Qaboos University Construction Project (including aerial images of the new University under construction); a collection of maps of Oman, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates 1961-1984 and some printed literature consisting of a booklet on Dhofar 1974 and an exhibition catalogue for ‘Weapons of the Islamic World: Swords and Armour’ 1991. 4 boxes, 2 folders. Handlist. Photographic collection.

Fred Clark Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 11 Apr 2022

Photograph album of the funeral of Fred Clark, Palestine Policeman, labelled ‘To Mr and Mrs Clark in memory of a valued friend from Police Headquarters 12.6.1939, Jerusalem’. The album contains 2 photographs of Fred Clark and 27 photographs showing the funeral procession, the service at the graveside, a rifle salute, the laying of wreaths and the completed grave with a headstone. 1 box. Handlist

Roger Partridge Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 18 Mar 2022

Photographs and papers mainly relating to Roger Partridge’s national service in the Royal Air Force Levies in Iraq 1946-1947 including 3 photograph albums, loose prints, a Christmas card, a St Andrew’s Church service card, training materials consisting of a booklet ‘Notes on Map Reading’ and a printed booklet ‘Arabic Self-Taught (Syrian)’ as well as travel guides for Ur, Babylon, Nineveh and the Coptic Church of El-Moallak at Old Cairo. 2 boxes. Handlist.

Jean Reid Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 24 Feb 2021

Correspondence and photographs from three serving Palestine Policemen (Ron Bridgett, Bill Cameron and Joe Wildman) to Jean Reid. Bill Cameron was Jean Reid’s cousin and he introduced Ron Bridgett and Joe Wildman to Jean Reid. The letters give some descriptions of daily life and work in the Palestine Police, as well as the deteriorating security situation in 1947-1948. 1 box. Handlist. Photographic collection.

George Antonius Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 1 Jul 2019

Reports and letters when Senior Associate in the Middle East of the Institute of Current World Affairs, on Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Iraq 1930-1939, including notes on the case of Taha Hussein, 1932, and on Saiyid Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani and Shaikh Muhammad ‘Abduh. Papers relating to the London Palestine Round Table Conference in 1939 including pre-conference meetings in Cairo and Beirut, a directory listing the conference participants, Arab delegation statements, minutes of Arab Delegation meetings, papers relating to the Committee on Pledges examining the McMahon-Hussein correspondence and policy committee papers. 5 boxes. Handlist.

Libyan Newspapers 1969 Coup (PDF File) New catalogue 20 Sept 2018

Three English language Libyan newspapers recording the events of the 1969 coup in Libya consisting of the Daily News 6 Sept 1969, Daily News 7 Sept 1969 and The Libyan Mail Special Edition 7 Sept 1969. 3 items. Handlist.

Minna Barren Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 14 Aug 2018

Diary detailing a month’s holiday in Egypt from 23 Dec 1951 to 27 Jan 1952. The first half of the diary mainly consists of descriptions of the various historical sites Barren visited during her stay in Egypt. These include the Hatshepsut Obelisk (pg 2), the Tombs of the Nobles (pg 8) and the Museum of Cairo (pg 16). Also included is an account of a market in the Egyptian countryside (pg 6 and 7). The second half of the diary mainly relates to Cairo and includes various introductions and meetings. These include dinners with Minna Barren’s cousin Noel Thomas. Other activities are mentioned, including a camel ride (pg 17), a visit to an exhibition on Indian paintings (pg 19), a night at an Italian Opera, La Boheme (pg 20) and a donkey ride to the Serapeum of Saqqara (pg 24-25). 1 file. Handlist.

Noel Thomas Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 14 Aug 2018

Papers mainly relating to the ‘Black Saturday’ riots in Cairo in Jan 1952 and their aftermath, including a personal account of the riots and medical reports, which detail the extent of Noel Thomas’s injuries. There is also a history of the 1st Cairo English School Scout Troop during World War II, as well as a history of the English School of Heliopolis Cairo, 1916-1956, accompanied by two annual school magazines. There is a small collection of photographs consisting mainly of images of Noel Thomas. 1 box, 1 file. Handlist. Photographic collection.

Robert Ball Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 13 Jun 2018

Papers and photographs mainly relating to Robert Ball’s service in the Palestine Police and later Bermuda Police, including his Palestine Police employment contract, passport, Christmas dinner menu, portraiture photographs, a photo album of purchased photos of Palestine with one photograph of Lebanon, view-master reels of Palestine, his Palestine Police service record and certificate of discharge. The papers also include his Bermuda Police service employment contract, police reunion photographs and Overseas Pensioners’ Association papers. 2 boxes. Handlist.

Neville Baker Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 16 Mar 2018

OMAN ARCHIVE: Oral history video interview of Wing Commander Neville Baker in conversation with Fiona Warton for the project 'Reflections on the Oman Insurgency 1965-1975 and its renaissance.' The interview covers Neville Baker’s service in the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force 1970-1978, especially his time as Squadron Leader of 3 Squadron and the introduction of helicopters into the Sultan’s Armed Forces. The interview is 1 hour 51 minutes 54 seconds in length. 3 digital VOB files. Handlist.

Dick Holdsworth Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 15 Mar 2018

Papers relating to Dick (Leslie) Holdsworth’s service in the Palestine Police 1940-1945 consisting of his certificate of appointment to the Palestine Police, a certificate noting his appointment as a ‘Private in the military force constituted under Section 51 of the Police Ordinance’, certificate of discharge and leave and last pay certificate. Also includes Holdsworth’s National Registration Identity Card 1945 and two membership cards for the Palestine Police Old Comrades Association 1971-1996 and one Palestine Police Old Comrades Benevolent Association booklet listing donations 1982-1995. 1 file. Handlist.

Peter Barrington Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 9 Mar 2018

Photograph album with some loose prints and one negative from Peter Barrington's army service during the Second World War including photographs of Southampton docks, Malta, Palestine including Jerusalem and Haifa and Egypt including Fayid, Port Said and Germany including Düsseldorf, c1945-1948. 1 box. Handlist.

Joshua Parlby Collection (PDF File) New catalogue 22 Aug 2017

Digital copy of papers and photographs relating to Joshua Parlby’s life and career, especially his time in Iraq 1917-1935 with an emphasis on his last year in Iraq; including personal documents relating to Joshua Parlby and his spouse, letters of thanks to Joshua Parlby for his work, correspondence with a colleague and papers relating to the accolades Joshua Parlby received throughout his career, such as the Order of the British Empire, Order of Al-Rafidain and Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire, as well as a Mention in Dispatches. The collection also includes an original framed silver souvenir photograph given to Joshua Parlby on his departure from Iraq. 1 box and 83 digital items.

William Stewart Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 3 Aug 2017

Papers and audio-visual material relating to William Stewart’s service in the Palestine Police including a policeman’s notebook, a 1947 Christmas dinner menu and his 1949 certificate of discharge. The majority of documents relate to Stewart’s membership and involvement with the Palestine Police Old Comrades Association, and material relating to reminiscing about his time in Palestine. These include a constitution pamphlet, certificates of membership and details of dinners in 1998 and 2005. Material relating to reminiscing about his service in Palestine include a list of some colleagues compiled in 1991 and two VHS cassettes of a Palestine Police recruitment film and the BBC documentary ‘ A Dream so Fair: The Palestine Police.’ 2 boxes. Handlist.

Andrew Ensor Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 9 Mar 2017

Documents relating to Andrew F. Ensor’s career in the oil industry in the 1940s-1970s, including correspondence, memoranda and internal company reports. Also includes a paper he wrote in 1979 about his dealings with OPEC leaders in the 1960s and early 1970s. 7 boxes.  Handlist.

Daniel Sweeney Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 27 Jan 2017

OMAN ARCHIVE: Papers relating to Daniel Sweeney’s military service in Oman consisting of a memoir written covering his time the Baluch Training Centre and Southern Oman Brigade Training Centre 1975-1982, a digital copy of a cine film of the 1977 recruit passout parade with accompanying notes, a vaccination certificate, an employment contract and digital copies of photographs taken during his service in Oman c1975-1982. 1 file. Handlist. Photographic collection.

Vivian Williams Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 10 Nov 2016

Fifteen issues of the Ring Road Rag, a newsletter/magazine produced by members of the British expat community in North Yemen, between June 1984 and December 1985.  Contents include local sports and arts news, international and diplomatic developments, descriptions of walks in the area, descriptions of journeys made, cookery suggestions and advertisements.  The collection also includes eight drawings made by Vivian Williams during his time in Yemen, 1983-1984. 1 box. Handlist.

Peter Giles Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 25 Oct 2016

Papers, leaflets, photographs and artefacts collected during Peter Giles’ time in the Transjordanian Frontier Force and the Palestine Police Force, mainly relating to his work as a police officer, including large numbers of Police and Legal Forms, both used and unused, and a number of Jewish and Arab propaganda leaflets and notices. There are also a small number of memoranda regarding the withdrawal of the British Administration and the future of its employees; two sections of editions of the Palestine Post, and an internal News Bulletin with updates on the situation in Palestine and various materials from Peter Giles’ social and personal life, including prayer books, race programmes and telegrams. 1 box. Handlist.

Laurence Hubbard Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 30 Sept 2016

Correspondence relating to Reverend Hubbard’s Missionary work in Damascus and Aleppo, Syria 1993-1996 and in Aqaba, Jordon 1996-2000; including Reverend Hubbard’s appointment letter and his background notes on Damascus, monthly link letters for supporters at home and letters from friends and supporters during and after Reverend Hubbard’s overseas missionary work. Also includes photograph albums and slides documenting his missionary work for the Church, including images of the surrounding landscapes, architecture and life in Syria and Jordon, as well as a ‘History of Aqaba’ by Hubbard and slides from the Church Mission Society ‘Palestine – paying the price’ giving a presentation on conditions of the Palestinians in the 1990’s. 3 boxes. Handlist.

Robert Large Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 30 Sept 2016

Letter giving Robert Large’s reminiscences of his service in Palestine and Transjordan c1947-1948 in the Transjordan Frontier Force. 29 May 2004. 1 item. Handlist.

Graham Williamson Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 29 Sept 2016

TS memoir ‘Reflections on Oman’ giving an account of the setting up of vocational technical training centres in Oman and also commenting on the impact of the Iranian revolution on Shiites in the Omani Government, as well as increased state enforcement of Islamic law and social separation between Omanis and expatriates. The memoir also comments on living conditions including the climate and issues with water and electricity. Photocopy of a printed article ‘The Labour Situation in Oman’ written by Graham Williamson but credited to H.E. Khalfan Nasser Al-Waheiby, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour and published in Al-Markazi in November 1977. 1 file.  Handlist.

Valerie Nelson Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 27 Sept 2016

Papers and photographs relating to the life and work of Valerie Robinson (née Nelson) as a personal assistant in the office Political Residency Bahrain 1968-1972 and The British Embassy, Muscat 1977-1982 consisting of two photograph/scrapbook volumes; an account of ‘Life at the Political Residency Persian Gulf 1968-1972 and The British Embassy, Muscat 1977-1982 by Valerie Robinson (née Nelson)’ written in 2014 and fifty 35mm colour slides from her service in the Political Residency Persian Gulf 1968-1972. 3 volumes, 50 slides. Handlist. Photographic Collection.

Christopher Linaker Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 3 Mar 2016

35mm colour slides and digital images relating to Christopher Linaker’s army service in Oman from 1970-1971. Images document life on the military base, tribal disputes, the handing over of command, fighting, village and vaccination patrols and military operations.  The collection also includes of images from the Salalah Palace during and after the coup. 113 items. Handlist.

Robert Melville Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 16 Mar 2015 

Papers relating to Col. Robert Melville’s role as Staff Liaison Officer for the Arab Legion from 1949-1956. The papers, consisting of reports, correspondence, scrapbooks and notes, thoroughly document the Arab Legion’s development while under the command of Lt.-Gen Glubb. The papers consist of information on Arab Legion reorganisation, expansion and finances; also included is material on political and military incidents in Jordan and concerns witnessed by Glubb. There are files containing material on the Arab Legion and the media, scrapbooks and loose press cuttings relating to the Arab Legion and Glubb’s dismissal and personal correspondence between Melville and Glubb containing information on domestic affairs. An oral history interview with Col. Melville in 2013 is available to listen to and consists of information on his military career. 13 boxes. Handlist. 

Chalky White Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 12 Jan 2015

Two printed pamphlets relating to Chalky White’s service in the Palestine Police consisting of the Criminal Code Ordinance Consolidated Edition (as in Force on 1st March 1945) published by P. Kadi, Jerusalem and the Report of the Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry regarding the problems of European Jewry and Palestine, Lausanne, 20th April 1946 Miscellaneous No 8 (1946) His Majesty’s Stationery Office Cmd. 6808. 1 File. Handlist.

Harry Wade Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 27 Nov 2014

Biographical account and photo album relating to Harry Wade’s Royal Air Force service in Iraq and India between 1928 and 1934. The photo album includes photos of landscapes, aircrafts, and military life, taken, ordered and labelled by Harry Wade. It also includes photographs with an anthropological interest such as ‘Iraqi types’ and ‘Kurdish and Indian types’. 1 file, 1 box. Handlist. Photographic Collection.

Donald Brodie Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 31 Oct 2014

Two photograph albums containing photographs relating to Donald Brodie’s service in the Palestine Police between 1937 and 1942. The first largely contains personal photos and includes scenes of police officers and soldiers at work and rest, accommodation, posts and checkpoints, police and military vehicles, landscapes, places of interest and daily life. Also includes images documenting attacks carried out by Irgun, such as the bombing of the Jerusalem General Post Office on 12 June 1939. The second photograph album mostly contains propaganda photographs relating to the Arab Revolt in 1936-1939, presumably collected by Donald Brodie. There is also a small collection of prints containing copies of photographs found in the first album and a single newspaper clipping from 1939 containing a pictorial history of Palestine. 1 box. Handlist. Photographic Collection.

Sir Richard Beaumont Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 31 Oct 2014

Papers mainly relating to Sir Richard Beaumont’s service in the Foreign Office, in particular his service as Consul in Jerusalem in 1948 and his role in the Buraimi Oasis dispute with Saudi-Arabia in Jan-Oct 1960. Includes a handwritten chronology of events in Palestine and Jerusalem in the period Feb-Dec 1948, with personal diary notes, and photocopies of documents held by The National Archives, perhaps compiled for research purposes. There is also a small amount of material relating to Lebanon and Syria during World War II, as well as a collection of newspaper clippings, 1979-1995, reporting on events in the Middle East. 1 box. Handlist.

Monica Wilson Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 29 Jul 2014

Papers relating to Monica Wilson’s work in Palestine as a radio broadcaster, journalist and civil servant, consisting of letters to her parents, 1943-1948 which include accounts of the bombing of the Palestine Post and the King David Hotel as well as the siege of Jerusalem; a statement from Monica Wilson regarding her letters from Palestine (c.2010); an overview of Monica Wilson’s letters by Roger Hardy, 2013; 14 transcripts of letters written by Monica Wilson, transcribed by Roger Hardy 2013. 2 boxes. Handlist.

Trevor Kirby Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 24 Jul 2014

Papers relating to Trevor Kirby’s service in the Palestine Police, consisting of a scrapbook with newspaper cuttings from his time in Palestine 1944-1948; an Arabic Language Textbook produced by the Palestine Police Force; four travel guidebooks covering Jerusalem, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordania; a printed Palestine Police Old Comrades’ Association leaflet covering the history of the Palestine Police Force; a printed speech made by H.M. George VI thanking the Palestine Police; remembrance items including a roll of honour and latter printed editions, correspondence regarding the roll of honour and a remembrance cross; Palestine Police Old Comrades’ Association Newsletters from 1950-2012, produced Quarterly (tri-annually from 2007), giving information on association news, regional meetings, annual dinners, obituaries, and purchasable association clothing. 7 boxes. Handlist.

Sheilagh Bailey Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 29 May 2014

Interview and photographic material relating to Sheilagh Bailey’s work in Oman in the Palace Office from 1972-1984 and later visits to Oman. In the interview Sheilagh Bailey discusses her slides and photograph albums and their context. There are two boxes of 35mm slides relating to Sheilagh Bailey’s work in Oman in 1972, and four photograph albums covering 1972-1980s, as well as later return visits to Oman and Switzerland in 1998-1999. 3 boxes. Handlist. Photographic collection.

British Palestine Police Association Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 29 Apr 2014

The British Palestine Police Association Newsletter Number 1, Spring 2014 which includes the minutes of the inaugural meeting, the constitution of the new association, as well as news of future association events, a short history of the Palestine Police Force, an article on the Transjordan Frontier Force and news of former Palestine Policemen including obituaries. 1 item. Handlist.

Ernest Lomas Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 7 Nov 2013

Letter from Ernest Lomas to Latimer, 30 May 1930, explaining that he had left Cairo in Nov [1929] and had taken over as Consul General in Tunis in Jan [1930] and that he had sent Latimer’s letter back to the Consul General at Cairo to deal with. Lomas also explains that the proper procedure ‘if you are not sure of the identity of a Consular officer’ was to ‘always address it to his title, not name’ otherwise the letter would be treated as a private letter and forwarded to the named person, even if they had moved post. 1 item. Handlist.

William Kerr Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 20 Jun 2013

Papers, photographs and artefacts relating to William Kerr’s service in the Sultan’s Armed Forces (Muscat Regiment) Oman, including administrative papers, maps, printed publications, 2 shield plaques and a photo album/scrapbook. The photograph album/scrapbook covers his period of service in 1973 and a visit to Oman arranged for Sultan’s Armed Forces Association members in 1984, and includes photographs of Sultan Qaboos and the British and Jordanian Ambassadors. A further series of photographs documents Sultan Qaboos’ visit to Simba in 1972. 2 boxes. Handlist.

Alex Lamond Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 18 Jun 2013

Papers and photographs mainly relating to Alex Lamond’s service in Oman between 1970-1972 including administrative papers on training of Desert Regiment soldiers and planning of various Desert Regiment operations. There is also some material relating to the visit of Major General M Janes MBE, Director Royal Artillery to the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) and the Oman Artillery, as well as a script of the BBC broadcast ‘Guerillas in the Persian Gulf’, including comments, and newspaper and magazine articles. 3 boxes. Handlist.

Noel Rowley Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 10 Jun 2013

Photocopy of a volume containing letters from Noel Rowley to his father and then diary entries relating to his army service in Palestine 1946-1947 and TS memoir ‘The Army Years 1945-1948’ written by Noel Rowley in 1997 with a postscript written in 2013, giving an account of his army service in Palestine. 1 file. Handlist.

Rebecca Steinfeld: Fertility Policy in Israel Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 14 Mar 2013

A series of interviews undertaken by Rebecca Steinfeld in support of her DPhil for the Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford University, entitled “The History and Politics of Fertility Policy in Israel, 1948-2008”. Topics covered in the interviews include discussions of policy, reproductive culture, demographic issues, religious issues, fertility tourism and the interviewees’ roles in the process and development of fertility policy. 2 boxes, 21 Mp3 recordings. Handlist.

Michael Butler Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 14 Mar 2013

Memoir ‘Travels with a Camel’ that provides an account of a 6 week trip in 1965 from Dhofar to Ibri, written by Michael Butler in 1966 with some revision and photographs incorporated into the text in 2011. Memoir ‘Al Ain 1968-1970’ covering Michael Butler’s service in Abu Dhabi, mainly as Deputy Director of Security in the police at a Special Branch at Al Ain in the Buraimi Oasis. 1 file. Handlist.

Keith Warton Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 29 Jan 2013

Papers and photographs relating to Keith Warton’s secondment from the Royal Air Force to the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force (SOAF) between September 1966 and May 1968. The papers include maps of Oman, captions for slides and notes written by Keith Warton for talks given on a trip to Oman in 2008. The notes include general notes on equipment, facilities, tactics and operations; an account of an ambush on an oil convoy in 1967 and an account of evacuating casualties from Raven’s Roost airstrip in 1968. The photographs consist of 2 boxes of 35mm colour slides taken by Keith Warton during his service in Oman 1966-1968 and include images of daily life in Oman, army movements, roads, aircraft, street scenes, aerial photography, official ceremonies and landscapes. 2 folders, 2 slide boxes. Handlist.

Jill Brown Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 20 Nov 2012

Photographic collection consisting of 35mm slides, loose photographic prints, contact sheets, negatives and typescript lists, including images of various Middle Eastern Rulers, politicians and personalities, as well as landscapes, architecture, people and artefacts such as jewellery, pots and furniture from countries including Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Gaza, India, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, the UAE and the West Bank. 31 boxes. Handlist

Gordon Ewers Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 1 Aug 2012

Army pass, diary, press cuttings scrap book, Red Cross certificate, photographs and certificate of discharge relating to Gordon Ewers service in the Palestine Police, including time at the training school in Palestine and his first posting to Haifa. The diary documents the new recruits’ training and study regime, how their free time was spent and how life in Palestine differed from life at home in England. The press cuttings scrap book, created by Ewers holds cuttings of news stories and articles relating to the Palestine police, sabotage, assassinations, to plague outbreaks, snow in Jerusalem and escaped prisoners. The photographs depict the life of the new trainees, including their living quarters and practice exercises. 2 folders. Handlist.

David Searle Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 23 Feb 2012

Papers and photographs relating to David Searle’s service in the Royal Oman Police, 1980-1984, including his certificate of service, Royal Oman Police Officer’s Club Rules, official parade programmes, a PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) News magazine and digital copies of photographs from his service in Oman. 1 file; 119 digital images. Handlist.

Wilfrid Knapp Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 3 Feb 2012

Draft manuscript of an unpublished book ‘International Politics in the Middle East’ by Wilfrid Knapp consisting of 7 chapters covering events from the 1950s to 1991 including Iran (Mossadegh), Egypt (Suez Crisis), the oil revolution, religious fundamentalism, the 1973 October War, Camp David, Afghanistan, the war in Lebanon and Israeli and Syrian relations and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process up until 1991 but with a focus on the 1980s. 1 file. Handlist.

Ivor Lucas Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 17 Jan 2012

TS article ‘Reflections on a diplomatic career in the Arab and Muslim worlds 1951-84’ by Ivor Lucas covering his work in the British Foreign Service relating to the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Aden and Syria and giving his reflections on the changing face of Islam. 1 file. Handlist.

Frederick Felgate Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 16 Dec 2011

Papers, photographs and artefacts relating to the life of Frederick Felgate and his service in the Palestine Police Force from 1941-1948 including his enlistment, training and discharge, his police notebook, a map of Palestine from 1944 and a ‘General Situation Samaria District’ file containing detailed daily reports of incidents such as sabotage, skirmishes, looting, hijacking, robberies and attacks on convoys in Samaria 22 Jan 1948 – 30 Apr 1948. Also includes some papers and photographs relating to Felgate’s life and career outside of Palestine including his later work for the R.S.P.C.A (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). 2 boxes. Handlist. Photographic Collection.

Laurence Billingsley Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 13 Dec 2011

Postcard and photographs from Laurence Billingsley’s Army Service in Palestine, 1946-1948, including a postcard of the troop ship M.V. Dunnottar-Castle, photographs of Army camps, fires at Peninsula Barracks and the oil refinery in Haifa, the funeral of Corporal Hand and the hanging of Sergeants Martin and Paice by the Irgun in August 1947. Also includes a photographic reproduction of a propaganda leaflet from the A.M.O addressed ‘To the British Members of the Palestine Police and to the members of his Majesty’s Forces’ and a Gold Star beer bottle label. 11 items. Handlist. Photographic Collection.

William Elphinston Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 7 Nov 2011

Papers mainly relating to Elphinston’s role as Assistant Political Officer at Arab Punar 1918–1919 including a memoir and photographs relating to the Berazi Kurds, as well as a TS text of a lecture giving a strategic analysis of cavalry operations in Palestine of 1918; a TS report ‘Operations in Kurdistan’; correspondence with the family of Mustafa Shahin 1947-1952 and also with G.W.Bedir-Khay 1947–1948. Also includes a series of lectures given to the Royal Air force (R.A.F.) Intelligence School 1947–1948 relating to British policy and the Middle East. 1 box. Handlist.

George Edwards Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 26 Sept 2011

3 photograph albums from George Robert Edwards’ Army service in the Royal Engineers covering Egypt, Libya, Syria and Palestine 1940-1944, including photographs of ancient and touristic sites in all four countries, street scenes and scenes of local life, fellow soldiers, the Suez Canal, the Nile, cities, photographs from the war, including armaments, wrecked vehicles and casualties, scenes from the King’s Birthday celebrations and scenes from the Holy Land.1 box. Handlist.

Gerald de Gaury Collection (PDF File) New Catalogue 11 Aug 2011

Papers and photographs relating to Gerald de Gaury’s life, from his activities as a soldier in World War One through his involvement in the Middle East as a soldier, diplomat and friend of the rulers of Iraq and Saudi Arabia to his later activities in the Foreign Office, including correspondence, drawings from various stages in his career, and his research for a number of books and essays. The correspondence includes letters from Lesley Blanch and Freya Stark. 17 boxes, 1 folder. Handlist. Photographic collection.

William Perkins Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 13 May 2011

Papers relating to William Perkins’ work as a solicitor in Istanbul from the 1930s-1950s, including newspaper clippings relating to maritime legal cases and judgements of the Supreme Consular Court of Constantinople, as well as printed judgements of the Court, from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There are also several files relating to the court cases concerning the collision of the Turkish submarine ‘Dumlupinar’ and the Swedish cargo vessel ‘Naboland’ on 4 April 1953 off Nagare Point in the Dardanelles. There is also a collection of personal correspondence, comprising mainly of letters from William Perkins to his daughter Glen Perkins between 1933 and 1969. There are also several letters to Glen Perkins from other family members and friends, some of which refer to William Perkins. 5 boxes. Handlist.

Rodney Giesler Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 7 Dec 2010

Papers, slides and films relating to Rodney Giesler’s life and work for the Kuwait Oil Company Ltd Film Unit and his later travels in the Middle East consisting of an extract from an oral history transcript ‘Memories of Kuwait 1958-61’ as well as a collection of 35mm colour slides mainly of the Gulf including images of oil fields and installations, the visit of King Saud to Kuwait in 1961 as well as slides of tourist sites in Iran, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Also includes digital copies of the documentary films ‘Close up on Kuwait’ and ‘Dubai’ which were directed by Rodney Giesler and focus on the oil industry and the development of Kuwait and Dubai as well as some printed materials including booklets giving a history of the Kuwait oil company. 2 boxes. Handlist.

Charles Pirie Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 6 Dec 2010

Account of Charles Pirie’s tour of Oman in 1966 entitled ‘Chas’ Muscat & Oman Patrol with QDG’ by Hugh Nicklin and 41 colour slides taken by Charles Pirie whilst on the tour consisting of images of Muscat, Nizwa and Sohar and including images of a tribal delegation going to see the Sultan, Muscat and Nizwa forts, Sultan’s Armed Forces soldiers and outpost, market scenes and the Oman coastline. 18 sheets, 41 slides. Handlist. Photographic collection.

See also Charles Pirie Photo Gallery

Rosalind Ramirez Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 8 Oct 2010

Papers relating to Rosalind Ramirez’s life and work as governess to King Faisal II of Iraq from 1943 to 1946 and her subsequent life, including letters from King Faisal II, letters of condolence received upon his death, and the research for and publication of a number of essays on the subject of Iraq and King Faisal II. 3 boxes. Handlist.

John Murray Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 17 Sept 2010

“Iran Today: an economic & descriptive survey” prepared by Dr. Murray for the information of delegates to the International Islamic Economic Conference, Tehran, October 1950 and newspaper articles,1955-1964, relating to oil, economics and development in the Middle East by John Murray and a TS text of a radio broadcast for ‘The World Today’ on ‘Oil – Politics and Power’ broadcast in 1966. 1 box. Handlist.

Margaret Anderson Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 5 Aug 2010

Privately printed memoir entitled ‘Mussolini Changed my Life’, written by Dr Margaret Anderson (née Smith). The memoir, which includes some photographs and also maps, documents Margaret Anderson and her family’s movements during World War 2, specifically from December 1939 to May 1946. During this time, the family moved from Glasgow to Sudan, then Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and later Cape Town. Margaret Anderson and her sister Jean fled from Sudan to Rhodesia in 1940, following events relating to the Italian forces’ attack on the border with Ethiopia. Other places visited include France, Beirut, Alexandria and Cairo. Along with personal remembrance and a first person account of childhood and schooling in the British colonies, the memoir includes information relating to the contemporary political and military context. 1 item. Handlist.

John Allan Smith Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 5 Aug 2010

Papers relating to the life and work of John Allan Smith at Gellatly, Hankey and Co (Sudan) Ltd consisting of a newspaper article entitled ‘J.A. Smith leaves’, along with a 4 sheet extract from a history of the firm that mentions John Allan Smith and his work at Gellatly, Hankey and Co. Souvenir photographs showing the Hajj before the end of Ottoman rule, that were sent to John Allan Smith in 1923 by a friend who had been on the pilgrimage. 2 files. Handlist. Photographic Collection

Arab Development Society Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 4 Aug 2010

Pamphlets, reports, newspaper cuttings and correspondence relating to the Arab Development Society, the life of its founder Musa Alami and details of the Society’s legacy and supporters. Also includes an album of professional photographs, along with loose photographs, documenting the work of the Arab Development Society. 3 boxes. Handlist. Photographic collection.

Peter Sichel Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 27 May 2010

Papers relating to the work of Peter Sichel in Oman during the period 1965-1984. Including the first demographic surveys of Musandam and Dhofar and the research taken in order to complete the reports. Also correspondence and internal staff memos relating to the development of Oman, and official reports on social, political, local progress. Copies of slides and photographs taken by Sichel of Oman, including those used in talks that he gave in the 1980s referring to development in Oman. The collection also includes maps used by the military and publications relating to Oman during this period. 5 boxes. Handlist.

Jerusalem Photograph Album Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 11 May 2010

Olive wood bound photograph album with Jerusalem engraved in English and printed in Hebrew on the cover mainly containing photographs of prominent sites in Jerusalem such as the Dome of the Rock, El Aksa Mosque, Solomon’s Stables, the tower of David, the valley of Kedron, the pool of Siloam, the mount of Olives, Gordon’s Calvary and the Golden Gate. Also includes some agricultural images as well as Joseph’s Tomb, Jacob’s well, Gideon’s fountain as well as images relating to education such as group photographs of pupils and photographs of the L.J.S. [London Jews Society] Boy’s and Girl’s school and a large group photograph of a picnic party in 1898 plus one Christmas card from 1922.1 box. Handlist.

Reginald Popham Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 21 Apr 2010

Digital copies of three photograph albums. Album 1 covers India and Iraq (Mesopotamia) probably during the First World War c1917, including images of Babylon, Basra, the Tigris, Baghdad, Baqubah as well as an image of Muscat. Albums 2 and 3 are of the North West Frontier including images of Ladha, Sararoqha, Jandola and Waziristan in Pakistan in 1920-1921. 3 Album. Handlist.

Eden Tatton-Brown Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 12 Feb 2010

Papers relating to Eden Tatton-Brown’s life and work in Egypt in the Ministry of Education and then in the Customs Administration, including an account of a journey to Mt. Sinai, letters to his wife and mother and his memoirs, 1877-1932, 2003. 1 box. Handlist.

John Graham Collection (PDF file) Updated Catalogue 4 Feb 2010. Boxes 9 and 10 added as a new accession

Papers relating to Graham’s work as CSAF (Commander Sultan’s Armed Forces) April 1970- September 1972. Mainly military papers, with some personal memoirs and reflections and a significant quantity of printed material dating from c 1970 to 2000. The majority of the military papers focus on the Dhofar war of 9 June 1965 – c 1975. Other events and subjects referred to are: propaganda during the Dhofar war; military activities of the SAF in northern Oman; the administration of the SAF, and the Salalah coup of 1970 during which the present Sultan Qaboos bin Said deposed his father Said bin Taimur. The personal memoirs relate to time spent by Graham in Oman and in other countries. The printed materials give background and context to the military papers, and some of the more recent printed materials give and idea of military activities and social and industrial developments in Oman today. Also includes two photograph albums taken c.1970 to c.1972, capturing military life in the Sultanate of Oman, including events such as the accession of Sultan Qaboos bin Said as well as some loose prints.10 boxes. Handlist.

John Hazelden Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 3 Feb 2010 and last revised 17 Oct 2013

Unpublished memoir ‘Shurta Recollections of Service with the Royal Oman Police in the 1970s’ by John Hazelden which describes his ‘personal memories…with some historical background to provide context’ and covers his life and work in Sohar, Rostaq and Ibra. Also including a bound ‘Pictorial addendum’ to the memoir and four volumes relating to law in Oman consisting of the Police Decree 1973, the 1974 Criminal Code, and commercial business laws of Oman 1974 and 1990. Bound volume with a two part history of the Royal Oman Police Air Wing divided into ‘Brief Outline of Early Operations’ and ‘Aircraft Types and Unit Development’ and bound volume of copies of photograph entitled ‘Pictures of Sur Division Royal Oman Police 1975-1978’. Also includes an unused bilingual (English and Arabic) Royal Oman Police Diary for 2001 and a printed book ‘The Sultan’s Armed Forces Elementary Omani Colloquial Arabic for English Speakers’ and text and photographs relating to a 1975 National Day commemorative medallion, as well as copies of 12 Oman First Day Cover postcards and postage Stamps 1984-1985. 3 boxes. Handlist.

Frank Edwards Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 21 Jan 2010

Papers relating to the book ‘The Gaysh’ which is a history of the Aden Protectorate Levies 1927-1961 and the Federal Regular Army of South Arabia 1961-1967, including the typescript of ‘The Gaysh’ written in 1967-1968 with original photographs and a small amount of material from Frank Edwards’ service in Aden c.1964-1965. There is also correspondence relating to the first attempt to publish ‘The Gaysh’ in 1968-1969, and correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to the publication and promotion of ‘The Gaysh’ in January 2004. There is a small amount of material relating to Frank Edwards’ work with Colonel Gadaffi in the Libyan Army. The collection includes photocopies of photographs taken in Aden c.1948-1958 and a student exercise map of the Aden Protectorate, both given to Frank Edwards by Hugh Witherow in 2004. 2 boxes. Handlist. Photographic collection.

Hamish Roberts Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 26 Nov 2009

Papers relating to Hamish Roberts’ life in Aden while employed by the Halal Shipping Company Ltd. between 1953-1957 and the Aden Port Trust 1957-1959. There are a number of photographs of Aden and surrounding areas and material relating to the development and maintenance of Port Aden. There are also copies of the publication ‘Little Aden Mercury’ documenting the events of the colonial community, as well as Hamish Roberts’ memoirs of this period. 1 box. Handlist. Photographic Collection.

Richard J Ward Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 5 Nov 2009

Papers relating to the life and work of Richard J Ward, Senior Economist and Program Director for U.S. Aid, in Jordan from 1961-1963, including U.S. AID Memorandums, Reports and Tables; Social observations on local habits and customs; and Travel Notes. 2 boxes. Handlist.

Les Sims Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 15 Sept 2009

TS Memoir ‘A Private’s Story’ written by Les Sims giving an account of his wartime service from his call up on 25 July 1944 to his demobilisation in 1947 and covering his training and Army service in France, Palestine and Transjordan with a more detailed description of his duties in Palestine, such as road blocks and searches during 1946. The memoir also includes copies of photographs of Aug 3 Squad and Les Sims and his brother Arthur Sims on Christmas Day 1945. 1 item (6 sheets). Handlist

Malcolm Walmsley Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 3 Jun 2009

Copies of photographs of Sapper M.A. Oliver’s funeral at Ramleh Military Cemetery, Palestine on the 23 Jul 1947. M.A. Oliver was driving a jeep that was blown up by a mine planted in the road by either the Stern Gang or the Irgun. Malcolm Walmsley was a bearer and helped to lower the coffin into the final resting place. 4 items. Handlist

David Brown Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 2 Apr 2009

A short account of David Brown's Army Service in Egypt and Palestine 1945-1947 and a photocopy of an account of David Brown's Army Service from the War Time News May 2003. 1 file (5 sheets). Handlist.

John Hunt Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 12 Mar 2009

Booklet ‘In My View Suez The Hidden Truths. A documentary by John Hunt’ written in 2007 and consisting of an account the campaign to secure a medal for the veterans of the Suez Campaign 1951-1954, as well as including John Hunt’s memoirs of his service in Suez, extracts from newspaper articles, cartoons and photographs from the Suez Campaign; photocopies of 4 newspaper articles about the campaign for medals and the booklet ‘In My View Suez The Hidden Truths’ 1 file (8 items). Handlist.

John Burt Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 26 Feb 2009

A memoir of ‘The Army Service of 14935920 Sergeant John Burt Royal Signals February 1945 – April 1948’ describing his service in 2 Company Palestine Command Signals based in Haifa which was responsible for all the trunk and local communications in North Palestine for military units. 1 item. Handlist

Derek Kent Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 26 Feb 2009

TS of an unpublished book 'A Ship for an Ikon' completed by Derek Kent in 1993 giving an account of an investigation in Lebanon and Palestine of a White Russian Count's involvement in aiding illegal Jewish immigration from Europe to Palestine in 1945-1946; TS 'Death in a Eucalyptus Grove - 30 July 1947' giving an account of the kidnapping and hanging of Sergeants Paice and Martin. Also includes a photocopy of the letter informing Derek Kent that he had been called up for military service in 1943, a photocopy of a photograph showing Derek Kent with the truck he drove from Beirut in the operation described in ‘A Ship for an Ikon’, a photocopy of a Christmas dinner menu 1946 and a photocopy of a letter informing Derek Kent that he had been awarded the GSM & Clasp Palestine. 1 file (6 items). Handlist.

Victor Emery Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 18 Feb 2009

Letter from Victor Emery describing his Army service in Palestine with photocopies of 5 photographs showing Emery in Egypt and Camp 71 as well as the Hadera Coastguard station after it had been blown up on 20 Jan 1946 and a photocopy of a newspaper clipping showing the Hadera Coastguard station prior to its destruction. Also includes a second more detailed account of Victor Emery’s life and service in Egypt and Palestine including descriptions of leisure activities, contact with Jews and Arabs, relations with the Palestine Police and the level of news received in the Camp of events happening elsewhere in Palestine as well as a photocopy of a photograph of Victor Emery in 1943. 24 sheets. Handlist.

Royston Ball Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 7 Jan 2009

Memoirs ‘Palestine Service March 1947 to May 1948’ written by R.A. Ball (2nd Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment) giving an account of his army service. 12 sheets.

John Poole Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 22 Aug 2008

Papers, photographs and artefacts relating to John Poole’s service as a British Constable and Wireless Telegraph Officer in the Palestine Police from 1938 to 1943. Papers relating to his police work include daily crime reports, summaries of Arabic and Hebrew press items, a propaganda leaflet and curfew order poster, as well as a Palestine Police Old Comrades’ Association newsletter from 1955. The photographs cover both his police service and general life in Palestine. There is also a small collection of artefacts dating from his service in Palestine including badges, buttons, coins, police whistle and a General Service medal.

Sir Geoffrey Arthur Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 19 Aug 2008

Papers relating to Sir Geoffrey Arthur’s service as a senior diplomat in the Persian Gulf, when he engineered negotiations which led to the creation of the United Arab Emirates. The collection includes agreements, orders, resolutions, laws, statements, memoranda, agendas, minutes and reports produced by or for the Provisional Union Council and the Supreme Council of the Union of Arab Emirates. A small amount of material consists of correspondence between key players in the negotiations, and articles analysing the situation. There are also two obituaries for Sir Geoffrey Arthur. 1 box. Handlist.

The Star Newspaper Armistice Edition (PDF file) New Catalogue 8 Aug 2008

Armistice edition of The Star newspaper, 11 Nov 1918, announcing ‘The War is Over (Official). Armistice Signed at 5am’ reporting on the end of fighting, the abdication of the Kaiser as well as some short articles on the arrival of British troops at Dedeagatch in Turkey and the appointment of Admiral Gough-Calthrope as High Commissioner at Constantinople to maintain ‘contact with the Turkish Government during the present transitional period’. 1 item. Handlist.

Eric Lowe Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 4 July 2008

Palestine Scrapbook issues 1-15 consisting of a ‘journal for those who served in the RAOC [Royal Army Ordnance Corps] in Palestine’ containing a variety of articles remembering life and service in Palestine as well as extracts from letters of Palestine Scrapbook subscribers, news of events for veterans’ and information to help veterans to get in touch with each other. DVD video of an interview of Eric Lowe in June 2005 covering his service in Palestine, the interviewer was Philip Knightly and the presenter Lady Michelé Renouf. 1 file. Handlist

BBC Documentary: No Plan, No Peace (PDF file) New Catalogue 26 Jun 2008

Scripts for the two part BBC documentary ‘No Plan, No Peace: The inside story of Iraq’s descent into chaos’ broadcast in October 2007 and transcripts of research interviews for the documentary of key participants including Ahmed Chalabi, Ali Allawi, Barbara Bodine, Sir Christopher Meyer, Clare Short, General Jay Garner, Colonel Larry Wilkerson, Paul Bremer, Colonel Paul Hughes, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Sir Michael Jackson, Stewart Bowen and Major General Tim Cross. 3 boxes. Handlist.

Edward Ashley Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 30 May 2008

Papers relating to Edward Ashley’s service in the Sultan’s Armed Forces Jebel Regiment Dhofar between 1970-1977, incorporating training materials including a training booklet, ‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘Jebel Regiment’s Standard Operating Procedures’; materials on anti-guerrilla operations including ‘Commander’s Diary’, ‘Situation Reports’ and ‘Operation Instructions’; including maps of areas which were used during the joint military operations; ‘Oman Humour’, including cartoons; congratulatory letters and Jebel Regiment awards; a staff list of individuals who served in the Sultan’s Armed Forces, including a letter from ex-staff relating to the establishment of the Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum; and photographic material relating to Edward Ashley’s service in Oman, subsequent Sultan’s Armed Forces Association reunions including a trip to Oman in 1984. 8 boxes. Handlist

Alexandro Buccianti Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 4 Jan 2008

Journal, in Italian, recording the invasion of Egypt by Napoleon covering the period 1796-1801 written by Alexandro Buccianti in c1847 with an English translation of the journal made by Alfred Hall in 1901. The journal is written as an eye witness account although it is likely that Alexandro Buccianti supplemented the account from other sources as well. 2 boxes. Handlist

Peter Lienhardt Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 2 Oct 2007

Printed booklet 'A Note on the Alawites' (produced as British intelligence information by the Middle East Intelligence Centre in Feb 1943) giving an account of the Alawites' history, religious and cultural divisions, economic life, politics and geographical distribution. Photocopy of an article by Ahmed Al-Shahi 'Peter Lienhardt 1928-1986: Biographical Notes and Bibliography' published in the Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Vol 27 no 2 in 1996. 2 items. Handlist.

Francis Mark Russell Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 18 Sept 2007

Oral history interview of Francis Mark Russell in May 2006, by Eugene Rogan, covering Mr Russell's service in the British Mandate Palestine Police during 1946-1948. The interview is 119 minutes in length. Summary and transcript of the interview. 3 items.

John Card Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 18 Sept 2007

Oral history interview of John Card in March 2006, by Jordan Toone, covering Mr Card’s service in the British Mandate Palestine Police during 1945-1948. The interview is 68 minutes in length. Summary and transcript of the interview. 3 items.

Desmond Morton Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 18 May 2007 and revised 19 Aug 2010

Papers and photographs relating to Desmond Morton’s service as a British Constable in the Palestine Police between 1946-1948 including papers relating to his recruitment, training and police work such as his role as liaison with Spinney’s for police food rations. Also includes a small amount of material relating to Morton’s social life, including the ‘The Candid Carmelite Clarion’ mess-hall newssheet, as well as Jewish and Arab propaganda and newspaper clippings relating to attacks on British Policemen. Correspondence from Desmond Morton to his parents describing his journey out to Palestine and his life as a policeman with descriptions of the deteriorating security situation and the shock at the decision to withdraw. Includes a small amount of administrative material relating to the end of Desmond Morton’s service (such as information on plans to help Palestine Policeman find new jobs after withdrawal) and papers relating to the Palestine Police Old Comrades’ Association. Also includes a small number of artefacts consisting of a police badge, a police whistle and Desmond Morton’s General Service Medal with clasp ‘Palestine 1945-8’. 2 boxes.

Helen Lotbinière Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 17 Apr 2007

Volume entitled 'Scrap Book Eddie and Helen de Lotbinière' containing TS extracts from letters, diary entries and latter accounts by Helen de Lotbinière describing the struggle to join her husband in Aden and her life and work in Aden from Oct 1939-Mar 1941. Also includes photographs, letters, pressclippings, Christmas dinner menu for 1940, identity card and special permit to enter vulnerable areas. 1 vol.

Aubrey Mellor Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 4 Apr 2007

Memoir written by Aubrey Mellor giving an account of his service in the Egyptian Civil Service from 1919-1930 in the Police CID, as Director of Registry and Archives and also work in the Ministry of Finance. Articles on Egyptian history, a letter of appreciation of Mellor's work in Egypt and an obituary for Sir Frank Watson and Aubrey Mellor. 1 box.

Charles Hepworth Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 15 Mar 2007

Papers relating to Charles Hepworth's service in the Sultan's Armed Forces during 1971 including a memoir 'A Walk on God's Carpet Adventures in Oman'; training materials including 'Field Notes on Saudi Arabia 1935'; papers relating to missions, speeches by the Sultan, propaganda leaflets and SAF bulletins. Also includes some maps of Southern Arabia, newspaper clippings and a small amount of correspondence about walking and mapping in Oman. 4 boxes.

Frank Jones Collection (PDF file) New Catalogue 5 Mar 2007

Oral history interview of Frank Jones on 16 March 2006, by Nick Kardahji, covering Mr Jones' service in the British Mandate Palestine Police during 1946-1948. The interview is 79 minutes in length. Summary and transcript of the interview. 3 items.

Robert Hamilton Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 27 Feb 2007

Oral history interview of Robert Hamilton in April 2006, by Sharif Ismail, covering Mr Hamilton's service in the British Mandate Palestine Police during 1946-1948. The interview is 56 minutes in length. Summary and transcript of the interview. Police Boundaries map showing civil district, sub district boundaries and Police Station Boundary, June 1947. 4 items.

Lorraine Gould Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 23 Feb 2007

Photocopy of TS letters written by Lorraine Gould to her mother commenting on the causes and progress of an uprising against King Amanullah Khan. The letters also describe fighting in Kabul in December 1928 and an evacuation by plane to Peshawar. 18 sheets.

Edward Wells Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 18 Sept 2006

Oral history interview of Edward Wells, by Josephine Delap, covering Mr Wells' service in the British Mandate Palestine Police during 1944-1948. The interview is 44 minutes in length. Photocopy of letter from B.N. Hinga (Commissioner of Police, Kenya) to Mr Wells summarising his career and giving thanks for his devoted service, 23 Aug 1965. 2 items.

British Syrian Schools Association (PDF file) New catalogue 14 Sept 2006

Legal document entitled 'British Syrian Schools Duplicate Declaration of Trust of property in Syria and elsewhere belonging to the Association'. The document notes that the British Syrian Schools Association was loaned £1,500 by Mentor Mott in 1877 using the property of the Association as security for the loan as well as setting out some rules and regulations for the running of the Association such as voting rights at General meetings and the granting to Augusta Mott and Susette Harriet Smith the right to hire and dismiss staff and manage the running of the schools and other institutions. The document also includes a supplemental indenture in which Mentor Mott relinquished his claim to the loaned money in 1887. 1 item.

Kevin Rosser Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 26 May 2006

Notes made of research interviews carried out by Kevin Rosser as part of his MPhil work. The interviewees were Yemenis sent to Egypt and Lebanon for education in the early 1960s, who were known as the 'Famous Forty', 1997-1998. 1 file.

Alexander Brebber Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 7 Apr 2006

Papers relating to Brebber's work as President of a Military Court at the end of the Palestine Mandate including Defence Emergency Regulations, Military Court Procedures and papers relating to the 'Jerusalem Railway Station Trial' in 1947 in which four men were accused of planting bombs at the station on 30 Oct 1946. Also includes a 'Short Handbook of Palestine' published by 'G.S.I., H.Q., Palestine' and the book 'The Palestine Mandate Invalid and Impracticable' by W.F. Boustany, 1936 and 6 newspaper clippings mainly relating to Israel's borders and the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1956-1972. 1 box.

Victor Cannings Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 27 Mar 2006

Papers relating to service in the British Mandate Palestine Police including a Police identity card, Criminal Code Ordinance for 1936, Palestine Police Magazines 1939-1947, 3 photographs of the Palestine Police Cricket Team, Certificate of Discharge from the Police and an oral history interview carried out in 2006 covering Cannings' service in the Palestine Police. Also including a booklet on Jerusalem promoting the work of the Jewish Agency and press cuttings covering bombings and deteriorating security in Palestine 1944-1946 and an essay on Canning's later Cricket Career, 1958. 1 box.

Robin Strange Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 14 Mar 2006

Large panoramic photograph of the Aswan Dam taken during construction in 1903 before the completion of the first and second heightening of the Dam. 1 item.

Arthur McArthur Collection (PDF file) New catalogue 10 Mar 2006

Photographs of the Palestine Police Rugby Team, official group photographs of Palestine Policemen, a few photographs of armoured cars, one photograph of a derailed train and a wooden Palestine Police Shield, 1942-1948. 1 item and 23 photographs.

Emir Farid Chehab Collection (PDF file) New accession 3 Feb 2006

Lebanese intelligence reports and analysis covering internal Lebanese politics, communist parties in the Middle East and political developments in Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israeli and Palestinian politics (1945-1983). 12 boxes.

Please note that this collection is in Arabic.

Philip Morris Collection (PDF file) New accession 14 Oct 2005

Palestine Police training materials, 1945-1946, giving information on the history and organisation of the Palestine Police, Jewish Military Organisations, Jewish and Arab military forces in Palestine, the Arab Legion, instructions with regard to curfew passes for troops manning road blocks and Guidance in the use of search lights. Also includes two TS accounts probably by the same unknown author entitled 'La Regence' giving an account of the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 and 'Jerusalem' giving an account of a short stay in Jerusalem commenting on accommodation and terrorism c1946. 1 file.

Donald Blackburn Collection (PDF file) New accession 20 Sept 2005

Booklets and a note relating to Church history consisting of a 'Handbook of the Anglican Bishopric in Jerusalem and the East', 'Some Ancient and Younger Churches in Egypt' and 'The Eastern Church: A brief note'; a TS account giving a description of how Archdeacon Campbell was shot during fighting in Jerusalem in 1948; a speech by Nasser after the laying of the foundation stone of the Copt Cathedral in 1964; a TS account 'Civil War in Jordan, September 1970' by Winifred Coate and 22 photographs mainly of Church events including a group photograph of the Palestine Church Council in March 1949 and the Arab Episcopal Church Council in 1955. 1 file and 22 photographs.

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