Wallace Lyon Photo Gallery

Wallace Lyon Photo Gallery

Wallace Lyon Photo Gallery: Iraq, 1917-1949

The images in this gallery are from the Wallace Lyon Collection Album 2. The Album mainly contains photographs of his interaction with locals, Kurdish soldiers in Iraq and a photograph of Haifa harbour. Most of the photographs have notes on the back. Some of the captions were written by Vera Lyon, Wallace Lyon’s wife.

Wallace Lyon (1892-1977) was in the 52nd Sikh Frontier Force in Iraq in 1917 and worked as an administrator in Kurdistan from 1918 to 1944. He became British Consul at Harar and retired in 1949. For further biographical information please see the Wallace Lyon Catalogue.

For viewing purposes the images in this gallery are at a low resolution. Higher resolution images for publication are available from the Middle East Centre Archive. Prices for images and publication fees are advertised on our Photographic Resources webpage. To order copies please contact Debbie Usher.

lyon-photo-alb-001 lyon-photo-alb-003
2/2/1 Wallace Fishing in the Ghazir Iraq 1942 2/2/3 No Original Caption
lyon-photo-alb-005 lyon-photo-alb-010
2/2/5 Chris (?) Fowle with his catch 2/2/10 On Kadja with Fatmia and Rupert
lyon-photo-alb-015 lyon-photo-alb-016
2/2/15 Treking up to Pengwin 2/2/16 Picnic – Joan, Campbell, Chapman, Ralph, Wallace
lyon-photo-alb-019 lyon-photo-alb-023
2/2/19 Bagdad Polo 2/2/23 Wallace and Johnny Johnston 1938
lyon-photo-alb-029 lyon-photo-alb-031
2/2/29 Rowanduz gorge 2/2/31 Edmunds, Moore and Corry in Yezidis Shrine 1942
lyon-photo-alb-036 lyon-photo-alb-037
2/2/36 Party by Some Bey Noftche 2/2/37 Naomi(?) and Shirk joining in the native dances
lyon-photo-alb-038   lyon-photo-alb-042
2/2/38 Resh Bellek Dance. Huge feast of 5 lambs, rice etc. 2/2/42 Suleimery Khan
 lyon-photo-alb-043   lyon-photo-alb-045
2/2/43 Suleimery Khan 2/2/45 Kurdish Mamind aqha Hamarand Aged 17.
 lyon-photo-alb-047 lyon-photo-alb-048
2/2/47 An Inhabitant of TAUQ 2/2/48 A group of Buck Aqhas of the Pizhder Tribe Babeker
lyon-photo-alb-051 lyon-photo-alb-055
2/2/51 Abbas/Mahmud Agha Pizhder Tribe 2/2/55 Ballase Ali therwat Edmonds Khalifasamad and son
lyon-photo-alb-056 lyon-photo-alb-059
2/2/56 No Original Caption 2/2/59 Khouri Khyatt and Yezidi Chiefs of the Sinjar
lyon-photo-alb-060 lyon-photo-alb-061
2/2/60 Yezidi Chiefs of the Sinjar 2/2/61Deir Zafferan Mardin
lyon-photo-alb-063 lyon-photo-alb-065
2/2/63 Sir Henry Dobb (high comm). Suleimania. 2/2/65 Mende girl washing clothes
lyon-photo-alb-066 lyon-photo-alb-067
2/2/66 Percy King outside his bungalow in Alexander 2/2/67 Arbil
lyon-photo-alb-073 lyon-photo-alb-074
2/2/73 Road Making Amadia 2/2/74 Tent on right bank of ZAB at Guweir
lyon-photo-alb-075 lyon-photo-alb-076
2/2/75 Camping Howeqa; Miss Hombersley 2/2/76 Picnic with Rosamund
lyon-photo-alb-077 lyon-photo-alb-078
2/2/77 Baniman Fort 2/2/78 Leaving the P.O.s House Arbil off on tour
lyon-photo-alb-079 lyon-photo-alb-086
2/2/79 Suleimani. Our first station after marriage 2/2/86 Arab Army Suleimani
lyon-photo-alb-087 lyon-photo-alb-089
2/2/87 Suleimania 2/2/89 Wallace Watching troops. Sul.25
lyon-photo-alb-094 lyon-photo-alb-095
2/2/94 Arbil from south 2/2/95 W.With Mutasarrif of Suleimani 1925
lyon-photo-alb-099 lyon-photo-alb-101
2/2/99 Arbil in snow 1924 2/2/101 Haife [Haifa] Harbour from Mt. Carmel
lyon-photo-alb-103 lyon-photo-alb-104
2/2/103 Ctesiphon. 2/2/104 No Original Caption
lyon-photo-alb-106 lyon-photo-alb-107
2/2/106 Coming in from Kabul 2/2/107 PA Punnine in the tent of Ali Hamaia, Shergat 1919
lyon-photo-alb-108 lyon-photo-alb-109
2/2/108 Sobedar; Kalash Khan; My 2nd in Command 2/2/109 Khan Sahib on Kabul River 1917
lyon-photo-alb-110 lyon-photo-alb-113
2/2/110 Famous Kadhemain Mosque 5 miles north of bagdad. 2/2/113 Herki Tribesmen, Rowanduz