MECA Remote Access

MECA Remote Access

Policy on Remote Access to the Archive


Please note that we are unable to support remote access to the Archive through the photocopying of documents. With remote copying orders researchers tend to order copies of entire boxes or files as they are not sure what is relevant to their research as they have not seen the material. This places unnecessary and destructive physical pressure on the documents as well as being beyond our labour resources. Where individual items are identified from a catalogue the labour of finding material is also transferred from the researcher to the Archivist, which is also beyond our labour resources. Consequently our policy is to require researchers to first visit the Archive to see the Collections they have identified an interest in before being able to order photocopies. For further details please see our Copying of Archives policy.

Digital Copies

We are able to support some remote access to the Archive through digitisation. A small amount of the Archive has been digitised. For further details about what has been digitised and access to digital material please see our Digital Collections webpage.

Please note that there are some collections that we are not able to digitise for preservation reasons. For example tightly bound material that would be damaged by being placed on a flatbed scanner.

Please contact the Archivist at for information about whether it is possible to digitise material that is not already in digital form. For material that has not already been digitised we calculate costs per page according to the time taken to scan the material. In such cases a cost estimate is made prior to starting the digitisation work. We also reserve the right to decline carrying out new digitisation work depending on the labour resources and ability of the Archive to carry out such work.

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