MECA Remote Access

MECA Remote Access

Remote Access to the Archive

During the closure to external readers, we will be devoting more labour resources to supporting copying requests.

We have a limited capacity for copying and so we are unlikely to be able to take on large projects.

The ability to copy material is subject to UK Copyright law, any copying restrictions that a donor may have placed on material and also preservation concerns.

Please contact the Archivist at for information about whether it is possible to digitise material that is not already in digital form. When making a request for copying, please provide details as to the collection and if possible the box and file. Please browse through our Online Guides and Catalogues.


For material that has not already been digitised, we charge according to the amount of time that it takes to scan and prepare the digital copies. In such cases a cost estimate is made prior to starting the digitisation work.

For material that has already been digitised we charge 10p per page (excluding VAT).

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