PEFM Podcasts

PEFM Podcasts

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All of the most recent PEFM podcasts can be viewed on the PEFM Oxford YouTube channel. Older podcasts were posted on the University of Oxford Podcasts website, and can be accessed below. Links to podcasts can also be accessed from the Past Events pages.

European competitiveness challenges: The EU, Croatia and beyond
Wednesday 25 November, 2015
Boris Vujčić (Governor, National Bank of Croatia)

Sustainable finance: Restoring confidence and stability in the financial system
20 October, 2014
Colin Mayer

A Schuman Compact for the Euro Area
17 January, 2014
Ashoka Mody

Political extremism in the interwar period and its economic roots
25 November, 2013
Kevin O'Rourke

Restoring confidence in the Euro Area
21 October, 2013
Klaus Regling

Banking reform five years on
14 October, 2013
John Vickers 

The global and Euro Area crises: Will next time be different?
22 April, 2013
Sean Berrigan

Addressing the crisis in Europe and the global economy: Lessons from the 1920s and 1930s?
28 November, 2012
David Vines and Patricia Clavin