Research Associates

Research Associates


Adrienne CheastyAdrienne Cheasty is a fiscal specialist. Her research areas include euro area fiscal-financial architecture, financial crisis management, debt issues, measurement of the fiscal deficit, and financial aspects of climate change. Most recently, she convened the ESC conference, European Climate Action: Political Economy Challenges, with follow-up seminars scheduled for the rest of 2020-21. Before coming to St. Antony’s, she was Deputy Director of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, with responsibility for Europe and for fiscal federal issues. She established the IMF’s Climate Change Policy Assessment program. She is on the board of the International Public Sector Accounting Standard-setters (IPSASB), where she is advocating the development of standards covering environmental assets and liabilities. She has been a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils on Fiscal Sustainability and on Public Finance and Social Protection, and has taught at Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins.


Charles EnochCharles Enoch is a monetary economist. His research includes regional integration, both in Europe and elsewhere, and risk prevention and mitigation for financial crises. His book “Europe beyond the Euro: Building Protection for Europe’s Economies and Peoples in the Time of Risks” is to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in late-2021. He has held the ESC Fellowship at St. Antony’s College, Oxford, since 2019, and was Director of the Political Economy of Financial Markets programme from 2017-9. Prior to that, he was at the IMF, first as UK Executive Director and then on the IMF staff, in the monetary, statistics and Western Hemisphere Departments. He led IMF missions to over 80 countries. His early career was in the Bank of England, in the economics and international departments, and running the office of the Deputy Governor. He studied at the universities of Cambridge and Princeton.


Daniel HardyDaniel C. Hardy is a specialist in financial and monetary economics. His research areas include the development of the European Monetary Union and the Capital Market Union; sovereign debt management; and public sector governance. Recently he has been working on the role of a European safe asset (see his paper “ECB Debt Certificates: the European counterpart to US T-bills,” Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series, University of Oxford, July 2020) and decision-making in the area of financial sector policy (see his contributions to “How Do Monetary, Micro- and Macroprudential Policies Interact? Austrian National Bank Workshop No. 22, August 2020). He has also been one of the lecturers for the economics module of Oxford’s MSc in Financial Economics programme. For most of his career he worked at the International Monetary Fund, where he led work on European financial integration, sovereign debt restructurings, and related economic and financial issues in a wide range of industrialized, emerging market, and developing countries. He has also worked at the Austrian Financial Market Authority and the German Bundesbank. He studied at the universities of Oxford and Princeton.


David MaddenSir David Madden is a Senior Member and Distinguished Friend of St Antony’s College, University of Oxford; and Chair of the Steering Committee of South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX). He joined the UK Diplomatic Service in 1970, and has extensive experience of working in places on the brink of break-up (Yugoslavia in the 1980s), those divided (Berlin in the 1970s, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina – where he was Political Adviser to the EU Peace-Keeping Force), and those where there are regional tensions. As British High Commissioner in Cyprus (1994-1999), he played a full role in negotiations on a Cyprus settlement and EU accession. As British Ambassador in Greece (1999-2004), he helped the Greek government achieve a break-through against terrorism. His books include The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Unthank Books, 2011; Balkan Legacies of the Great War: The Past is Never Dead (with Othon Anastasakis and Elizabeth Roberts, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016); and The Legacy of Yugoslavia: Politics, Economics and Society in the Modern Balkans (with Othon Anastasakis, Adam Bennett and Adis Merdzanovic, I.B.Tauris, 2020). He is an animal welfare environmentalist, and Vice-Chair of Compassion in World Farming; and has convened seminars at EuPEP on the ethics and economics of regenerative agriculture and its role in the fight against climate change.

Administration and support


Julie AdamsJulie Adams joined St Antony’s College in 2004. She is responsible coordinating the project’s events and supports the project’s ongoing media activities, including website management, posting across social media channels and creating the annual newsletter.
Julie’s background is in teaching and business management. Before joining the College, Julie was Principal of an English Language School providing English language courses throughout England to students sponsored by the Spanish government.