Roundtable on the Ukrainian Presidential Elections

Tuesday 14 May, 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Investcorp Auditorium, St. Antony's College

Convenor: Professor Paul Chaisty...

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Documentary screening: Robert Sturua’s Julius Caesar

Thursday 30 May, 5:00pm

Syndicate Room, St Antony's College

Convener: Prof Dan Healey (St Antony's, University of Oxford...

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Queer Studies in Central Asia: activists and scholars explore the development of LGBT community in post-Soviet republics

“On the Theme: Sex, Politics and Life of LGBT People in Central Asia...

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The World Bank is assessing regional disparities across Russia's vast landscape

This article first appears in the OSGA Summer 2018 Newsletter.

While Moscow, St Petersburg...

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Our REES colleague Dr Nicolette Makovicky has published a new book: Slogans: Subjection, Subversion, and the Politics of Neoliberalism

Published by Routledge on 6 November 2018, it focuses ...

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Professor Roy Allison and Dr Anna Pleshakova have won an OPEN grant (supported by the Higher Education Innovation Fund) to fund Dr Pleshakova's work as a KE fellow on Russian and international...

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Do Post-Soviet Queers Need History?

On Thursday 1 November, Dan Healey, Professor of Modern Russian History, delivered the Annual Goldsmiths University Queer History...

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'With exquisite artistry, Oliver Ready has been recreating these novels in English, gathering translation prizes as he goes: Sharov’s third novel, Before and During (1993), in 2014, and now...

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An article by Roy Allison entitled ‘Protective Integration and Security Policy Coordination: Comparing the SCO and CSTO’ has been published in The Chinese Journal of International Politics...

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From the Department of Politics and International Relations website:

We are delighted to announce that Paul Chaisty and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira have been included in the University...

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