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PEFM Podcasts

You looking at me, looking at you: Brexit Britain and the World
Keynote speeches: Brexit - where now?​ / Brexit - what do we do about Northern Ireland?​
Session 1: Britain’s relationship with Europe—the view from Brexit Britain
Session 2: Britain’s relationship with the Rest of the World—the view from Brexit Britain

Session 3: Brexit: the view from the Rest of the World​
Tuesday 16 May, 2017

Aspects of the ECB’s monetary policy: State-of-play and future prospects
Monday, 27 February 2017
Iannis Mourmouras (Deputy Governor, Bank of Greece)

What does the FICC Standards Board do?
Monday, 13 February 2017
Mark Yallop (FICC Markets Standards Board)

Brexit and the future of European integration
Thursday 1 December, 2016
Russell Kincaid (Former IMF); Francisco Torres (LSE)

Book Launch: Governance of the European Monetary Union
Thursday 1 December, 2016
Francisco Torres (LSE)

Brexit - what are the options?
Monday 28 November, 2016
Anatole Kaletsky (Gavekal; Reuters; International Herald Tribune)

Bank resolution in the European financial architecture
Monday 14 November, 2016
Joanne Kellerman (Single Resolution Board)

Brexit and its impact on the Western Balkans
Wednesday 9 November, 2016
Peter Sanfey (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development)
​Discussant: Adis Merdzanovic (St Antony’s College, Oxford)

European Banking Union: The unfinished agenda for a changing Europe
Monday 7 November, 2016
Christos Gortsos (Panteion University)

Restoring trust in finance: Competition or moral motivation?
​Monday 31 October, 2016
Gordon Menzies (University of Technology, Sydney)

The future of banking and the role of challenger banks
Monday 24 October, 2016
Cyrus Ardalan (OakNorth Bank)

A pragmatic approach to reform of banking governance and culture
Monday 17 October, 2016
John Mellor (School of Management, University of Leicester)

Ethics and cultural assimilation in financial services
Monday 10 October, 2016
Alan Morrison (Saïd Business School); John Thanassoulis (Oxford-Man Institute, University of Oxford)

The G20 reform of bank regulation and the next financial crisis
Monday 6 June, 2016
Malcolm Knight (London School of Economics)

Banking reform: The limits of prudence
Monday 23 May, 2016
Ian Plenderleith (Former Bank of England)

What they do with your money: Does the finance industry do its job well?
Monday 9 May, 2016
David Pitt-Watson (London Business School)

Financial reform in South East Europe: Turkey’s response to the past and current crises
Monday 2 May, 2016
Gazi Ercel (Former Governor of the Bank of Turkey)
In association with SEESOX

Integration or disintegration? Europe at the crossroads in 2016
Session 1: Whither Europe?
Session 2: Motivations, aspirations and satisfaction
Session 3:
Globalization, trade, financial crisis and the EU
Session 4: Competing identities and loyalties ​
Wednesday 27 April & Thursday 28 April, 2016
In association with the Oxford Martin School

An ethics code for bankers?
Monday 15 February, 2016
Robert Mass (Head of International Compliance, Goldman Sachs)

The Eurozone crisis and Southern Europe: Recovery or illusion?
Wednesday 27 January, 2016
Adam Bennett (St Antony’s College, Oxford); Peter Sanfey (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EDRD))
In association with SEESOX

Was the global financial crisis really a “debt crisis”?
Monday 25 January, 2016
Anatole Kaletsky (Founder and Co-Chairman, Gavekal Consultancy)

IMF programs and technical assistance in the Balkans-what has been achieved?
Monday 30 November, 2015
Adam Bennett (St. Antony’s College, Oxford); Robin McConnachie (Oxford Analytica; former senior Bank of England official)

European competitiveness challenges: The EU, Croatia and beyond
Wednesday 25 November, 2015
Boris Vujčić (Governor, National Bank of Croatia)

The Eurozone government debt crisis: Stylised facts, root causes, and policy lessons
Monday 23 November, 2015
Lorenzo Codogno (Visiting Professor, LSE; former Chief Economist at Italian Treasury)

Europe’s Economic crisis and the missing financial recovery
Monday 26 October, 2015
Jeffrey Franks (Director, IMF Europe; IMF’s Senior Resident Representative to the EU)

The Troika--Past and Future? A view from Washington
Monday 19 October, 2015
Russell Kincaid (Associate of PEFM; former senior IMF official)

Capital Failure: Next steps in restoring trust in the financial system
Monday 12 October, 2015
Nicholas Morris (Balliol College; Director of TUSK Advisory); David Vines (Balliol College, Oxford)

Mapping financial integration in East Asia
15 June, 2015
Jenny Corbett (Australian National University)

Too big to jail: The evolution of corporate prosecutions in the United States
1 June, 2015
Brandon L. Garrett (University of Virginia School of Law)

Policy options for raising public investment in Germany
14 May, 2015
Jeromin Zettelmeyer (Director-General, Economic Policy, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, Berlin)

The political economy of the Irish 'bailout'
12 May, 2015
Patrick Honohan (Governor, Central Bank of Ireland)

Rebuilding trust in banks: Beyond regulation and governance
11 May, 2015
Peter Montagnon (Director, Institute of Business Ethics)

Non-standard monetary policy measures and their effectiveness in Slovenia
5 May, 2015
Boštjan Jazbec (Governor, Central Bank of Slovenia)

Ethical behaviour in banking
5 March, 2015
Natalie Gold (King’s College London)

Can the tightening of financial regulation be made consistent with a resumption in sustainable growth?
1 December, 2014
Cyrus Ardalan (Vice-Chairman, Barclays Bank)

What challenges do the spillovers from EU Banking Union pose for emerging economies in Europe?
24 November, 2014
Piroska M Nagy (Director for Country Strategy and Policy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD))

Financial globalization-where next?
17 November, 2014
Charles Collyns (Chief Economist, Institute of International Finance (IIF), Washington DC; former Assistant Secretary, US Treasury)

A Tale of Four Cities
"Prospects for the world economy" featuring comments from Washington, Brisbane, Toronto, and Frankfurt
4 November, 2014
Gene Frieda (Senior Global Strategist at Moore Capital; Senior Member, St Antony’s College, Oxford); Russell Kincaid (Senior Member, St Antony’s College, Oxford); Timothy Lane (Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada and previously on the staff of the IMF); David Vines (Professor of Economics and Fellow of Balliol College; Acting Director, PEFM)

Rebuilding trust in financial services
27 October, 2014
Nicholas Morris and David Vines (Balliol College, Oxford)

Sustainable finance: Restoring confidence and stability in the financial system
20 October, 2014
Colin Mayer

A Schuman Compact for the Euro Area
17 January, 2014
Ashoka Mody

Political extremism in the interwar period and its economic roots
25 November, 2013
Kevin O'Rourke

Restoring confidence in the Euro Area
21 October, 2013
Klaus Regling

Banking reform five years on
14 October, 2013
John Vickers 

The global and Euro Area crises: Will next time be different?
22 April, 2013
Sean Berrigan

Addressing the crisis in Europe and the global economy: Lessons from the 1920s and 1930s?
28 November, 2012
David Vines and Patricia Clavin