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Thank you for considering giving to St Antony's. We value each and every contribution, no matter the amount. 

St Antony’s was founded in 1950 as a direct result of a philanthropic benefaction and has since developed into a world-class centre of advanced research and teaching on global and regional issues. Our Fellows, students and facilities have all benefited from the support received from our alumni and friends over the years. St Antony’s relies increasingly on philanthropy and there are a number of ways you can offer support.

If you would be interested in discussing a donation, whether large or small, please contact the Development Office. If you would like to receive information about leaving a gift in your will or about tax-efficient giving, please get in touch with the Director of Development, Wouter te Kloeze.

Thank you for your generosity.

We are currently accepting donations for the following scholarships and funds:

The Antonian Fund

The Antonian Fund is set up to offer vital support to various areas of College life and academic study.  It is funded exclusively by donations from alumni and friends of the College; we are hugely grateful for their generosity.

Since its inception in 2014, the Antonian Fund has supported a hugely diverse range of projects.  Grants are awarded across a number of categories, which you can read more about below. Click here to see a full list of grants awarded each term.  Donors can choose to support one of these areas, or choose 'Greatest Need'.

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For information on tax-efficient giving, please follow this link

The St Antony's Scholarship

Students from the Global South are underrepresented at Oxford due to the high costs of graduate education. St Antony’s is committed to enabling students to fulfil their academic potential, regardless of background or financial concerns. To this end, the College aspires to offer a new scholarship from 2023-24 onward to students who have completed their undergraduate degrees in countries that receive official development assistance from the OECD.  

To qualify for this award, potential scholarship-holders will have undertaken their undergraduate degrees in the Least Developed, Low and Lower Middle-Income Countries and Territories as categorised by the OECD. For the list of these countries, please follow this link

Donate to the St Antony's Scholarship

Antonian Fund - Student Activities

We are committed to supporting the academic growth and development of our students, and activities that enrich the student environment and experience. Donations to Student Activities will fund special lectures, workshops, and other academic activities organised by our students, for our students; and be put towards grants for societies, sports clubs, and other projects that will benefit the cultural life of the College.

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Writing-Up Bursaries

These are awarded to students who are nearing completion of their DPhil, and support them with their remaining living costs.  Awards are granted on the basis of both academic achievement and financial need.

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Travel and Research

Students and Fellows at St Antony's specialise in international area studies, so fieldwork and research trips play a vital part in their work.  Much of this would not be possible without financial support.

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Your Impact

Read about the 2021-22 Antonian Fund projects

The St Antony's DAC Scholarship

A new initiative at St Antony's to support students from the Global South.

At the very end of the 2022 admissions round, we discovered that 16 students who had undertaken their first degrees at a university in a Development Assistance Country (DAC), as defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, had been offered places on one-year (MSc) Master’s courses at the College. They were, however, unable to take up those places due to a lack of funding.

A door that those students had, against the odds, opened by their own merit, had been closed - for purely financial reasons - before they could go through it.

We know that this is not the first year that this has happened and we know that it also applies to students doing two-year (MPhil) and even doctoral (DPhil) programmes, but it is the first time we have actively collected data to show the scale of the problem. This is thanks to an initiative led by three previous student GCR executives. They spotlighted the need for the College to tackle this issue if it was genuinely going to state that it takes the best students from across the world, regardless of their financial situation.

St Antony’s DAC Scholarship

We are delighted that the Governing Body has made it a priority for the College to raise money for those students who did their undergraduate degree in a DAC country. To show its commitment to the Scholarship, it has ring-fenced the income from a recently received unrestricted endowment of £1.3 million to fund students on the scheme for at least the next ten years.

We are proud to announce that it was able to use those funds to offer its first scholarship to Samira Mohammed Ibn Moro, a student from Ghana who will study for an MSc in African Studies. 

The DAC scholarship is the brightest light at the beginning of my Oxford journey. Being the first-ever recipient is overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. I am grateful to the sponsors of the scholarship and St. Antony’s College for such a life-altering opportunity. - Samira Ibn Moro

We want the DAC Scholarship to be available to all graduate students (MSc, MPhil, or DPhil) who have the ambition to apply to Oxford and St Antony’s and the extraordinary talent to get accepted at a time when there are over six eligible applicants for each graduate place. We appeal to the St Antony’s community, many of whom were supported in their own studies by others, to help guarantee that such students are able to take up the opportunities that they have earned.

Our community will be the better for it. - GCR Committee

The DAC Scholarship is the number one funding priority of St Antony’s. Our goal is that the scholarship will cover Living Costs (£21,060 for 12 months in 2022/23 as calculated by the University) and Fees up to a value of £30,330 (set by Departments and Faculties) with a maximum value of £51,395. It will be available for any degree or course (except for the MBA and MPP) offered at St Antony’s. Our ambition is to raise £3 million within three years and create a permanent endowment from which the DAC scholarship will be offered.

The 90s DAC Scholarship

In 2023, we are inviting the 90s generation of Antonians to leave a lasting impact on the College and future students from the Global South by creating a collectively-endowed scholarship. 

The target is to raise £1 million for the endowment which will allow the College to offer a DAC Scholarship in perpetuity covering all academic fees, accommodation and other living costs.

Read more about the 90s DAC Scholarship fund.

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Gifts can be made through the University of Oxford website.

Your gift can often be enhanced by a variety of tax breaks for charitable action.

Our donors from Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland, can make tax-efficient donations.  For more information, please follow this link

St Antony's College is a registered charity (number 1141293).

Albert Hourani Scholarship

Albert HouraniAs part of the Middle East Centre's 60th-anniversary celebrations in 2017, the Centre re-launched the Hourani Scholarship to establish an annual award for the MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. The MPhil (originally, the BPhil), established by Albert Hourani in 1961, was Oxford’s first taught course in modern Middle Eastern Studies.

Since, the scholarship has supported three MPhils to completion (Mali Yates, Tom Coyne and Francesca Vawdrey), with a fourth due to arrive in October 2021. 

To be able to continue awarding the Hourani Scholarship and make it sustainable, the Middle East Centre asks its alumni to pledge an annual gift.  No pledge is too small to make a difference, and the more of us who give, the more support we can offer incoming students, to open Oxford’s doors to the very brightest without financial constraint. Nothing could be more in keeping with Albert Hourani’s legacy for Oxford Middle East Studies.

You can set up a single as well regular - monthly, quarterly or annual - gift through the University's Campaign website.  Our American donors can now also set up tax-efficient monthly or annual instalments; please follow this link

Please see this page for tax-efficient giving options for donors in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Thank you for your support.

Photo credit: Ramsey and Muspratt, Oxford​

The Angelines Scholarship

Profile picture of Professor Valpy FitzGerald.

Students from the global south are underrepresented at Oxford due to the high costs of graduate education. St Antony’s is committed to enabling students to fulfil their academic potential, regardless of background or financial concerns.

St Antony's College and the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) are launching an initiative to raise funds for a joint scholarship, which we aspire to offer from 2023-24 onwards. The Angelines Scholarship will be open to students who apply for any degree offered by ODID with a preference for those from Latin America and whose college of choice is St Antony’s.

The initiative for this scholarship came from Professor Valpy FitzGerald who has been a central figure in academic life at both St Antony's and ODID since 1992. The scholarship is named after his wife Angelines, who ended her long struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2023.

Latin America is the focus of Professor FitzGerald's academic interests and both St Antony's and ODID currently host a relatively small number of Latin American students which both institutions would really like to see grow. If there are no suitable candidates from Latin America in a particular year, then applicants from other parts of the global south will be considered.


Training a new generation of students in development studies at ODID and St Antony´s College will be a fitting tribute to Angelines’ own roots in Andalucía, her training as a social historian, her lived experience of Mexico and Nicaragua, and her kindness to previous generations of postgraduates in Cambridge, The Hague and Oxford. 

- Professor Valpy Fitzgerald

The ambition is that the scholarship covers the academic fee of £30,300. The good news is that £12,500 has already been secured on an annual basis with grateful thanks to Professor FitzGerald, which ODID will match, making it £25,000. We hope that the community of former ODID/St Antony’s students will help cover the remaining costs of the fees, meaning that we aspire to raise every year £5,300. If we top this amount, the added funds will be used to help pay for the living costs of the student.

We aim to offer the scholarship annually and would therefore particularly appreciate recurring gifts which would allow us to plan ahead. But, of course, we would be grateul for any support, whether this is a single or recurring donation. 

The Angelines Scholarship will not be possible without the support of the worldwide Antonian community. If you would like to discuss the scholarship in more detail or have a question about how to make a gift, please get in touch with Wouter te Kloeze, Development Director at St Antony’s. 

Donate to The Angelines Scholarship

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Hong Kong

Malcolm Deas Fund

Mr Malcolm DeasSt Antony's College and the Latin American Centre (LAC) have launched the Malcolm Deas Fund in honour of the Centre's 50th Anniversary to ensure excellence in Latin American and Colombian research, teaching and policy impact. The Fund is named in honour of Malcolm Deas who was the first Fellow of the Centre in St Antony's College.

The Malcolm Deas Fund allows the LAC and St Antony's College to further strengthen and build on the work of Malcolm Deas by promoting research and scholarship on Latin America with travel and research grants for students and lectures, conferences and workshops. A list of projects so far supported by the fund can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Academic initiatives

With the Malcolm Deas Fund, the LAC hopes to acquire the necessary support to maintain high-quality lectures, workshops, travels and research grants and conferences to sustain the intellectual dynamism of the Centre.


External funding for graduate studies is difficult to find, especially for the social sciences and humanities. The LAC and College are committed to offering scholarships to the brightest and most capable students irrespective of their means.

Colombia specific projects

The Centre and College wishes to further strengthen and build on the work of Malcolm Deas and ensure that it can continue to support the study and research on Colombia by being able to award travel grants, organize lectures and workshops, and support post-doctoral fellows focusing on the country.

Allocation of funding

Donors may wish to donate 'wherever the need is greatest' or can express a preference for how their gift is spent. Funding will be allocated according to these designations and in response to requests from students and academics at the Centre.

Through the Malcolm Deas Fund, the Centre will be able to support a range of activities that have a direct impact on the Centre’s research and teaching activities and students’ achievements that otherwise would not be possible. Donations of all sizes make a real and significant difference and the success of the fund depends entirely on the generosity of the former students and friends of the LAC. Find out more about the projects supported by the Malcolm Deas fund.


You can make a gift through the website of the University of Oxford or by using one of the donation forms below.

Donors from the UK, United States, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong can give in a tax efficient way. Taxpayers in the United States can make a gift through Americans for Oxford, inc. (AfO): a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which seeks gifts to benefit the University of Oxford and its colleges.

Thank you for your generosity.

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SABC Annual Fund


The St Antony's Boat Club Annual Fund will support the ongoing operational costs of SABC and includes boat maintenance and storage fees, coaches and training expenses, and saving for boat purchases once every five years. 

The Boat Club's Annual Fund will be a flexible drawdown fund to support the ongoing operational costs of  SABC in collaboration with the College. In addition, to set yearly expenses, capital will also be devoted yearly into a 'boat and equipment account' to support fundraising once every 4-5 years for new vessels. Finally, the fund includes a mandate to guide the exploration of other strategic priorities for SABC. Governance of the fund is overseen by a management team of current and previous SABC rowers and College representatives, including the Senior Member and Development Director, which meets once a term. 

Professor Roger Goodman encourages donations to the fund:

For more than 40 years, the St Antony’s Boat Club has been an integral part of student life at the College. With its growth in recent years and the intense use of the available boats, it is crucial that SABC has funding in place to cover some ongoing operational costs and to save for boat purchases at least once every five years. It is to this end that the Boat Club is setting up a specific SABC Fund which will be managed by its executive team, two former rowers and the College. As Warden of St Antony’s, I was delighted to be asked to be the Boat Club’s Senior Member, and I very much hope that the community of Old Antonian Rowers will support the SABC Fund. By doing so, you will help ensure that current and future generations of students can continue to row in the best possible equipment, together with the best coaches and training facilities. 

Gifts can be made through the website of the University of Oxford.

A variety of tax breaks for charitable action can often enhance your gift. St Antony's College is a registered charity (number 1141293).

Our donors from Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland, can make tax-efficient donations.  For more information, please follow this link