Completing your course

End of student membership

Towards the end of each academic year, the Academic Office emails all students with the End of Student Membership Form.  An End of Student Membership Form can be requested at any time, though it is only processed after the student membership ends. Completing this form signals the end of student membership and the start of an alumni relationship with the College, and generates the return of the College deposit once all charges are settled.

Student membership ends for Master’s students  on the day their University card expires, and for DPhil students on the day that leave to supplicate is given. Once student membership ends, students will no longer be able to access the following College facilities:

Students will no longer be able to eat in Hall with their University card. Meals must be paid for by debit/credit card and will be charged at the non-student rate.

Students can receive mail/post into their named pigeonhole until mid-September (students whose courses finish at the end of September then use the A-Z pigeonholes).

Students who will be continuing to another course at St Antony’s College in the next academic year (e.g. progressing from a Master’s degree to a DPhil) should not complete the form until the end of their final course.

College email addresses will stop working one month after the University card expires, although emails can be forwarded to another address for two months. Please refer to the University’s IT Services website for more information about what happens to IT access when the card expires.

The College offers a free of charge mail forwarding service for three months after a student leaves. A form from the Lodge should be completed on departure with a forwarding address (UK or international) so that any mail received by the College can be sent on.

Return of College deposit

The Accounts team aim to return deposits within six weeks of the end date of a student’s course. Students planning to close their UK bank account imminently should notify the Accounts team.

Students can also choose to donate their deposit to the Antonian Fund, which supports a range of initiatives enhancing all aspects of academic and student life across the College. They will then become a Member of the St Antony’s College Leavers’ Society. More information about the Leavers’ Society will be sent by the College’s Alumni & Development Office.


At Oxford, degrees are conferred at degree ceremonies. Students can graduate straight after finishing their degree, or later, in person by attending a ceremony, or in absence.

Only one degree can be conferred in person at a given ceremony, e.g. if a student passed the examinations for a BA degree and then passed a Masters course, the BA would be conferred in absence and the Masters conferred in person at a ceremony.

It is not possible to attend a degree ceremony following completion of a Certificate or Diploma. Students are not permitted to graduate if any fee debts are outstanding to St Antony’s College or the University. Please refer to the University’s Regulations for Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas for more information.

Graduation ceremonies are special occasions for graduands and their family/friends to celebrate their achievement. To honour the occasion, graduands and their guests are invited for lunch before the ceremony.

The Dean of Degrees and a member of the Academic Office will be on hand during the day. A full timetable with a degree ceremony brochure is issued some weeks before the ceremony, which graduands must read carefully.

Dates of graduation ceremonies

The College usually holds seven graduation ceremonies each year. However, students wishing to graduate in absentia (in absence) may have their degree conferred at the next available ceremony even if St Antony’s is not presenting students in person.

Please check St Antony’s website for ceremony dates .

How to book

Current taught course students will receive an invitation to their College email address in Michaelmas term of their final year from the University’s Degree Conferrals office inviting them to log into the eVision degree ceremonies booking system. They will have priority booking until mid-January of the following year and are encouraged to make their choice promptly as places are booked on a first come first served basis. 

Research students will receive an invitation to their College email address from the University’s Degree Conferrals office with information about booking a degree ceremony once leave to supplicate has been granted. They are advised to make a prompt choice as places are booked on a first come first served basis.  

When booking through the eVision system, students can choose to graduate in person or in absence (in absentia)Note that a degree will not be officially conferred until a student has been through a graduation ceremony either in person or in absentia.

It is possible to change the date of the ceremony after booking as long as this takes place at least 30 days in advance of the ceremony. Students must be sure that they will have their results at least two weeks before their graduation date, and it is their responsibility to check this with their department. The College will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of a student having to withdraw from the ceremony for this reason.

Further details about graduation are available on St Antony’s website.

What to wear

Graduands should start the day wearing the gown (and hood, if applicable) that matches their current status, a mortar board or soft cap, and sub fusc (see section 2.1). A graduand about to receive their first degree from Oxford should wear the advanced student’s gown, mortar board/soft cap and sub fusc.
Graduands who already have an Oxford degree should wear the gown and hood of the degree already held plus mortar board/soft cap and sub fusc.

Graduands must also have the gown/hood of their new degree, which they will change into at the appropriate time during the ceremony.  See the College website for information on academic dress.

Graduands will need to hire or buy the relevant gown(s) and hood(s) themselves and either collect the gown from the supplier or arrange for the gown to be delivered to the College Lodge. These arrangements must be made well in advance of the ceremony as availability cannot be guaranteed.

Receiving your degree certificate

The College will inform graduands before their graduation ceremony whether their degree certificate will be given to them after the ceremony or posted to the address held in the eVision system.

Academic transcript

Current students and many alumni are now eligible for transcripts through the eDocuments service, please see Academic transcripts for further information. There is a one-off registration fee of £15 for the eDocuments service.

The College can write a bespoke letter on College letterhead for students completing their course before 2007; please request this via the Academic Office.

Becoming an Antonian

After graduation, students become a member of a social and professional community of alumni who share the same academic interests and can enjoy the benefits of being an Antonian such as having access to the College whenever in Oxford, High Table once a year, invitations to events, seminars and lectures and the alumni liaison network.

Antonians who make a gift in the two years after their graduation, no matter the size of the donation, will also become members of the St Antony’s College Leavers’ Society. Membership is extended each year a gift is being made.

The Development Office is keen to stay in touch with all Antonians; alumni are invited to keep the College informed of their activities and engage with the St Antony’s Liaison Officers, who act as a fundamental link between the College and Antonians around the world.

Alumni are invited to follow the College on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterLinkedIn and Flickr, and we would be delighted to send you the Antonian Newsletter and e-bulletins.

Alumni are welcome to contact the Development Office at any time.