Completing your course

Completing your course

This section contains information about what will happen between the point students receive their results and when they join the global Antonian alumni community.

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Master's students

Once  results are released, students will be sent an email to inform them that assessment results and the result for the year (if applicable) are available to view in the University's Student Self Service. The final classification can also be viewed once a course is completed.

Students who need to resit one or more papers, or wish to appeal a result (note that appeals that challenge the examiners' academic judgement are not permitted), should refer to the University Student Handbook and contact the College Registrar for more information.

University guidance:

DPhil students

After the viva, DPhil candidates will normally be asked to make some changes to their thesis, which are either considered to be 'minor corrections' or 'major corrections'. These may take anywhere from a week to several months to complete. Occasionally students pass the viva with no corrections, or have a significant number of changes to make and are required to re-submit the thesis. 

At the point that any required changes have been approved by the examiners, candidates will receive a letter giving you 'leave to supplicate', i.e. notification that the requirements of the DPhil degree have been met in full. Students will then be invited to sign up for a graduation ceremony.

University guidance for research students:

DPhil students' University card end date may not in the end reflect the end of the degree but will expire on the date when leave to supplicate is given. Access to email will be given for another month after this date and emails can be forwarded for a further two months if auto-forwarding is set up.