Dahrendorf Scholars and Essays

Dahrendorf Scholars and Essays

Each year three St Antony’s students are selected by a competitive process to work on the Research Agenda of the Programme and to undertake a piece of independent research on a subject related to the study of freedom. The scholars are selected on the basis of written applications, and interviews when necessary by a committee of Fellows of the College. Applications for 2017/18 scholarships closed on Friday, 1 December. 


The 2019 Dahrendorf Scholars

Jihane Benamar

The Mirage of Freedom of Movement: EU Promoting Anti-migration Policies in its North-African Backyard   


Maeve Moynihan

Project Ireland 2040: The Freedom to Migrate in Ireland’s Future Vision of Itself


Auguste Breteau

 What Story Should Europe Tell?

The 2018 Dahrendorf Scholars

Robert Gorwa

Robert Gorwa

GLASNOST! Nine ways Facebook can make itself a better forum for free speech and democracy

Yasmina Abouzzohour Yasmina Abouzzohour
Milica Radovic Milica Radovic 


The 2017 Dahrendorf Scholars

Xiaoyu Lu 

Double Dissidents: Chinese Students Returning from the West​

Jonathan Raspe 

Das wird man ja wohl noch kritisieren dürfen!
Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Criticism in Germany, or Why the Jews Are to Blame for the AfD

William Allen 

Representing Freedom and Force: How Data Visualisations Convey the Complex Realities of Migration


The 2016 Dahrendorf Scholars

Helen Haft 

Article 148 - The Aftermath of Punk Prayer   

Iris Nxumalo 

Renzhi Li 

Reading Isaiah Berlin in China


The 2015 Dahrendorf Scholars 

Monica Richter Monica Richter 
Jalal Imran Jalal Imran
Suzanne Robin Suzanne Robin 


The 2014 Dahrendorf Scholars 

Ava Hess 

Covering the Aesthetics of Resistance

Max Gallien

Max Gallien 

Last Thoughts of Al-Bernameg: Bassem Youssef and the Egyptian Struggle for Freedom of Speech

Yu Tao

Yu Tao

Religious Diversity in Contemporary Chinese Scholarship


The 2013 Dahrendorf Scholars


Katherine Bruce-Lockhart 

From Hate Speech to Self-Censorship: The Role of the Media in Kenya’s 2007 & 2013 Elections

Bassam Gergi

Bassam Gergi 

For Jobs and Freedom, 50 Years On: The Struggle for Racial Equality in the Age of Obama


Rory McCarthy 

Who is threatening free speech in post-revolutionary Tunisia?


The 2012 Dahrendorf Scholars

Annabelle Chapman

Annabelle Chapman

Towards a 'Parallel Polis'? Creating Freedom on Belarus

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark

The Successes and Failures of Egyptian Secularism

Rutger Kaput

Rutger Kaput

The Wilders Case: A Politician on Trial


The 2011 Dahrendorf Scholars 

Jacob Amis

Jacob Amis 

"Quiet Spring": Jordan and the 2011 Arab Uprising


Katharine Engelhart

Bosnia’s Three-Headed Beast: Sejdić and Finci v. Bosnia and Herzegovina and the case for “reasonable” discrimination


Casey Selwyn

Casey Selwyn

Death in Denial: A story of AIDS in South Africa


The 2010 Dahrendorf Scholars 


Dominic Burbidge

A Letter from a young Christian to a liberal

Andreas Knab

Andreas Knab

A Bargain with Fate: to diffuse the threat of online Jihadism, we must stick to our guns


Christopher Kutarna 

Democracy, Unbundled Objectivity, Subjectivity, and the Search for Common Ground

Xibai Xu

Xibai Xu

Neo-liberalism and Governance in China