Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers

PDF icon On European money in Greece: Anthropoligical and political perspectives
Dimitrios Gkintidis (2014)

PDF icon Making sense of competitiveness indicators in South East Europe
Peter Sanfey and Simone Zeh (2012)

PDF icon Recognizing Kosovo's independence: Remedial secession or earned sovereignty?
Grace Bolton and Gezim Visoka (2010)

PDF icon External anchors to the rescue: Reaching out in a time of economic and financial sector crises in South East Europe
Jens Bastian (2010)

PDF icon Diversification and interdependence: Emerging realities and potential players in the Russian-Western energy equation
Constantine Filis (2009)

PDF icon Greek-Turkish Economic Cooperation: Guarantor of Détente or Hostage to Politics?
Constantine Papadopoulos (2008)

PDF icon Geograhies of Ethnopolitics: Unravelling the Spatial and Political Economies
Stefan Buznar (2006)

PDF icon British Perceptions on Turkey's EU Accession Prospects: Euroscepticism and Turkophilia?
Kerem Oktem (2005)

Top-Down vs Bottom-Up: Aspects of the EU Institution-Building Strategies in the Western Balkans
Dimitar Bechev and Svetlova Andreev (2005)

From U Thant to Kofi Annan: UN Peacemaking in Cyprus 1964-2004
James Ker-Lindsay (2005)

Party Perspective in the European Parliament on Turkey 's EU Accession: An Empirical Study of Session Protocols of the European Parliament
Angelos Giannakopoulos and Konstadinos Maras (2005)

Britain: An Ally of Turkey in Europe?
Othon Anastasakis (2004)

Turkish Accession to the EU in the Comparative Perspective
Paul Kubicek (2004)