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News Archive

In January 2016, a new book by Adam Bennett, Russell Kincaid, Peter Sanfey, Max Watson, entitled Economic and Policy Foundations for Growth in South East Europe: Remaking the Balkan Economy, was published by Palgrave Macmillan-St Antony's Series. Adam Bennett presented the book at the annual Palgrave Macmillan-St Antony's Series Book Launch on 15 June, 2016.

On 16-17 October, 2015, two linked events were held to commemorate the life and work of Max Watson. The first, in St Antony’s College, was jointly arranged by PEFM and SEESOX and covered his career under the title “A Tale of Three Cities”. Tributes were heard from those who knew him and his work in Washington, Brussels and Oxford, covering his time with the IMF, the European Commission, The Bank of Ireland and the University. It built up a full picture of Max and his many achievements. The second was organised by the family and in particular his widow Janny in Dorchester Abbey, close to Max’s house. This concentrated rather more on his life and interests; but continued to build up the story of his multi-facetted career as well. Click here for Photo Slideshow.

On 30 October, 2015, the Bank of Albania organised in cooperation with the South East European Studies at Oxford, the annual conference: Do crises change economic fundamentals in SEE?

On 6 June, 2014, Othon Anastasakis, Adam Bennett and Russell Kincaid gave presentations at a high-level seminar in Sarajevo entitled "South East Europe in an environment of volatile capital flows". This event was organised by SEESOX and the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

On 9 May, 2014, SEESOX hosted a full-day workshop on "Anchoring economic policies in South East Europe: The role of European and International institutions". This event was organised in cooperation with the Bank of Albania.

On 8 May, 2014, Oleg Levitin and Peter Sanfey of the EBRD gave an open seminar on the topic "Is Eastern Europe stuck in Transition?" at the European Studies Centre - hosted by PEFM in association with SEESOX.

On 13 September, 2013, Othon Anastasakis, Max Watson and Adam Bennett gave presentations at a high-level conference on "Strengthening linkages in South East Europe: Policy anchors and business perspectives" in Tirana. The key-note speech was given by Edi Rama, the prime Minister of Albania.

We are please to announce that Adam Bennett, formerly with the IMF and the UK Treasury, will continue his association with the SEESOX Political Economy Programme and his Senior Membership with St Antony’s College.

In October 2011 Fikret Causevic became the third Alpha Bank Fellow in the political economy programme.

On 8 September, 2010, SEESOX and the Bank of Albania signed a three-year cooperation agreement in Tirana. They also organised their first roundtable discussion on Growth and regional cooperation in South East Europe.

In October 2010 Jens Bastian became the second Alpha Bank Fellow in the political economy programme.

In October 2009 Dimitri Sotiropoulos became the first Alpha Bank Fellow in the Political Economy programme.

In June 2009 Peter Sanfey of the EBRD became a guest member of St Antony's College, formalizing his role in helping to develop the political economy programme. One of his first activities was to co-chair a workshop on the region, which was co-sponsored by the Bank of Greece and the EBRD (see past activities below).

In May 2009 Susan Schadler, a former Deputy Director of the IMF, joined SEESOX for two terms as a Senior Associate Member at St Antony's College. She is writing a book on Turkey, and researching into models of growth in the region.