Conference and workshop reports

Conference and workshop reports

The Western Balkans and the Berlin Process
Report from a workshop held in Oxford in June 2018
​July 2018

Banking developments and financial market infrastructure
Report from a workshop held in Tirana in November 2017
​April 2018

The Macedonian name dispute today: A window of opportunity?
Report from a workshop held in Oxford on 18 November 2017
​November 2017

Diaspora and development: The case for Greece
Report from a workshop held in March 2017
May 2017

Aligning monetary policy with financial stability in South East Europe
Report from conference held in Tirana in October 2016
March 2017

Turkey's turmoil and the EU/US conundrum: How should the West approach post-coup Turkey?
Report from the workshop help in December 2016
​SEESOX, February 2017

PDF icon Do crises change economic fundamentals in South East Europe?
Report from the conference held in Tirana in December 2015
June 2016

Critical juncture? Bulgaria after the snap poll in October 2014
Report from the conference held in December 2014
SEESOX, September 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina: New International Thinking
Report from the workshop held in January 2015
SEESOX, March 2015

South East Europe in an environment of volatile capital flows
September 2014

Anchoring economic policies in South East Europe: The role of European and International institutions
July 2014

Serbia-Kosovo: The Brussels Agreements and Beyond
Report from the workshop held in November 2013
SEESOX, March 2014

Strengthening linkages in South East Europe: Policy anchors and business perspectives
March 2014

EU banking reform and financial stability in south East Europe
September 2013

Freedom and Unfreedom in Turkey: Religion, society and politics
July 2013

Redefining convergence in South East Europe
June 2013

Living in the neighbourhood of the Euro Area
April 2013

South East Europe: Pre-requisites for reform
October 2012

The impact of the Euro crisis and investment opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 2012

South East Europe: Investing in the future
March 2012

Current economic challenges and regional cooperation in South East Europe
February 2012

New directions for Turkish-Greek engagement in the Middle East and the Balkans
January 2012

Turkey's Foreign Policy in a Changing World
Report from the conference held in April/May 2010
SEESOX, Feb 2011

Achieving sustainable growth in SE Europe: Macroeconomic policies, structural reforms, socio-political support, and sound financial system
February 2011

The role of the state in South East Europe
June 2010

Challenges and prospects of South East European economies in the wake of the financial crisis
October 2009

South East Europe: The impact of the global financial crisis
June 2009

South East Europe: Global economic challenges and European perspectives
May 2008

Political and Economic Developments in the Balkans
May 2007

Bosnia-Herzegovina at a Crossroads
April 2006